Introducing the Piezo LEGS Caliper LC20 Motor

Product Announcement from MICROMO

Nanometer Precision in the Smallest Space

MICROMO is pleased to announce the arrival of the Piezo LEGS LC20 Caliper Motor.  The LC20 Caliper Motor is designed for integration in linear stages.  Its extremely compact size and direct drive makes it ideal for high precision motorized stages. With this piezo motor solution,  it is possible to fit your complete motion system inside the stage – no more bulky electrical motors and linear screws that are connected externally to the stage.

The LC20 Caliper Motor operates directly, without need for gears or mechanical transmission, to create a backlash free linear motion with nanometer or even sub-nanometer resolution. A conventional electric motor usually requires several assembled parts, such as rotor, stator, ball bearings, linear screws etc. to make it work. With the Piezo LEGS direct drive, the motor size is significantly reduced and precision is gained through the  elimination of cumbersone mechanical parts.  In the Piezo LEGS motors, multiple bimorph actuators are co-sintered to a single body with movable legs made out of ceramic “muscles”.