New 8 & 10 mm Micro Brushless Motor

Product Announcement from MICROMO

MICROMO Introduces New Best in Class Additions to the Micro Brushless Motor Line Up

The new 0824 B and 1028 B Brushless Motors

MICROMO introduces the new 8 and 10 mm brushless motors from the FAULHABER Group.  The 0824 and 1028 motors offer high precision speed control and optimal power in the smallest size.  The micro brushless series also includes 6 and 12 mm motors.  The new motors are ideal for a variety of applications in the medical device, robotics and optics and photonics markets. MICROMO provides a complete, flexible systems solution.  The motors can be used with a wide variety of FAULHABER Group encoders, gearheads and speed and motion controllers.  

In addition, the new motors offer excellent dynamic characteristics, low weight and high stall torque.  New materials are just part of  what is driving best in class performance.