Semiconductor Backed Half-Bridge Gages

Product Announcement from Micron Instruments & Micron Meters

Micron Instruments offers a wide range of semiconductor backed half and full bridge strain gages.
Backed bridges are installed on a flexible high temperature insulator that can be bent around a one half inch radius without hurting the gage .

Our Backed Gages are constructed using two thermally matched gages applied onto a backing which allows them to track each other.
When used as one side of the bridge, they compensate each other thermally even when bonded since they both see the same thermal expansion and temperature. When both gages have a gage factor (GF) of 140 the transverse gage will normally see the Poisson’s effect, which for most steels is 0.3. This reduces the transverse gage factor to 42. The average GF for the half bridge would be 91.

Backed Gage are configured to measure Torque, Load and Bending Stress.

• Bar gages ranges available 120 ohm up to 1000 ohms
• Czochralski pulled boron doped silicon
• Base material Duraver E-CU-104 
• Copper solder pads

Gages with Low resistance down to 10 ohm up to 10k ohms are also available.

For more information call: (805) 522-4676 for details.