Setra Offers Multi-Room Monitoring System

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Setra Systems, Inc. a leading global designer and manufacturer of pressure measurement instrumentation has introduced the Multi-Room Monitoring Station (MRMS), offering remote viewing and alarm capabilities with reduced labor costs, as well as improved productivity, within critical care applications.

Featuring a flush mount design and easy installation, the cost-effective MRMS can be placed in a centralized location, such as a nurse's station, or main control room. Only one BACnet® signal cable is required for the effective monitoring of up to eight rooms or critical spaces equipped with other Setra Systems Pressure and Condition Room Monitors, such as the Model SRPM or SRCM, for a lower total cost of ownership over other industry models. In addition, the built-in AutoDiscover feature of the MRMS will automatically search and connect to other SRPM and SRCM units through BACnet® MS/TP, with seamless import of all MAC addresses, BACnet® objects, naming conventions and other setup parameters, saving significant setup and configuration time. A built-in audible and visual alarm and high-definition color touch screen display offers easy viewing of room status and detailed room condition, while further allowing for easy alert of a change in room condition. Units are CE certified, with CSA certification pending.

The Setra Systems MRMS is ideal for use within a variety of critical HVAC/R applications, including surgical suites, intensive care unit isolation rooms, cardiac care units, pharmacology, research laboratories, pharmaceutical manufacturing and clean rooms, biosafety level (BSL) laboratories, vivarium and animal research facilities, and organic laboratory environments. For more information about the MRMS or other products available from Setra Systems, Inc., or to request a product sample, please contact the company toll-free (in the U.S.) at 1-800-257-3872 or at +1-978-263-1400, e-mail at, or visit

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Setra Systems, Inc. is a designer, developer, and manufacturer of high accuracy electronic instruments that measures pressure, current, humidity/temperature, acceleration and weight, and very low-pressure and documenting calibrators. Setra Systems products are used in many process and manufacturing industries, federal agencies, and research laboratories.