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Setra Systems, Inc. (, a leading global designer and manufacturer of pressure measurement instrumentation for industrial, test & measurement, HVAC/R, semiconductor, energy, environmental, medical, pharmaceutical, and meteorological requirements, has introduced its Remote Measurement Display, allowing for clear and remote viewing capabilities of real-time "at a glance" HVAC/R conditions, ensuring effective climate control management within a variety of critical environments.

The CE-compliant Remote Measurement Display accepts 0-10 and 0-5 VDC analog signals from virtually any sensing technology, including temperature, humidity, CO2, pressure, and others. The unit visually displays sensor output with zero and span adjustment capabilities. Readings may be easily calibrated by the user. Its 1-inch, 3.5 digit LCD display may be clearly viewed from across a room with reduced glare. It is also wipedown capable, with no special maintenance requirements. These flush mount style units are easy to install and compatible with standard 4-11/16 electrical box configurations.

The new Remote Measurement Display is designed for direct compatibility with Setra Systems Humidity Sensors (SRH) with temperature output. Units may be shipped as a factory calibrated bundle along with the measurement display for faster installation and commissioning. The compact size, versatility and real-time remote viewing capabilities of the Remote Measurement Display make it suitable for use in hospital surgical suites, operating rooms and pharmacology; pharmaceutical clean rooms or other environmentally controlled spaces; and vivarium and biological safety laboratory research facilities. Units are available in choice of red, green, or blue, and may be ordered as either a single or dual display.

For more information on the Remote Measurement Display or other products available from Setra Systems, Inc., or to request a product sample, contact the company toll-free (in the U.S.) at 1-800-257-3872 or at +1- 978-263-1400, e-mail at, or visit

About Setra Systems
Setra Systems, Inc. is a designer, developer, and manufacturer of high accuracy electronic instruments that measures pressure, current, humidity/temperature, acceleration and weight, and very low-pressure and documenting calibrators. Setra Systems products are used in many process and manufacturing industries, federal agencies, and research laboratories.