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MEMS DC accelerometers for Alternative Energy

Featured Product from Silicon Designs, Inc.

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SDI's MEMS DC accelerometers are well suited to support numerous applications within the Energy industry, including MWD for Oil & Gas, Pipeline Monitoring, and many Alternative Energy & Environmental uses.

  • Deep Sea Pipelines

  • Directional & Downhole Drilling

  • Downhole Equipment Shock Monitoring

  • Drillstring & Downhole Vibration Monitoring

  • MWD Equipment Vibration

  • Oil and Gas Pipeline Bogie Sensor

  • Oil Rig Platform Stabilization

  • Pipeline Monitoring

  • Wellbore Surveying

Alternative Energy & Environmental

  • Aerial Firefighting Equipment

  • Arctic Control System Sensor

  • Coal Mine Structural Health Monitoring

  • Electric Tower Design

  • Environmental Simulation Design

  • Seismic Monitoring

  • Simulated Environmental Testing

  • Solar Cell Platform Stabilization

  • Tilt & Vibration Measurements

  • Wind Farm Instrumentation

  • Wind Turbine Rotor Blade Structural Health Monitoring