tesa® Laser Labels

Product Announcement from tesa tape, inc.

tesa® Laser Labels-Image

tesa Secure offers a cutting-edge alternative to conventional coding, identification, and marking methods. As robust as metal plates, yet with the flexible handling associated with labels, tesa Secure 6973 laser labels are suitable for endless marking applications that require durability, flexibility, and resistance to forgery.

• Excellent durability and high resistance to chemicals, solvents, extreme temperatures, and all weather conditions
• An adhesive system ideal for mating with a wide range of substrates (painted surfaces, steel, aluminum, and many plastics)
• Totally customizable labeling solutions, including bar codes and two-dimensional data matrixes
• A highly secure, tamper-proof identification system
• Easy application- no rivets, screws, or spot welding necessary

• Medical equipment and devices
• Hand and power tools
• Transportation replacement parts
• Electronics
• High value assets
• And many more!