AC Gaging LVDTs...Series 310-320

Product Announcement from Trans-Tek, Inc.

 AC Gaging LVDTs...Series 310-320-Image

The Series 310-320 Long Stroke AC Gaging Transducers consist of a precision AC LVDT, a rugged stainless steel outer housing, and a spring actuated, stainless steel shaft. Consistent with the high performance normally found in Trans-Tek precision AC LVDTs, these transducers exhibit excellent non-linearity and extremely low temperature coefficients. Available in full stroke displacements of 0.5 to 20 inches, the transducers are ideal for use in single or multi-point gaging systems, thickness measurements, machine control, or any other applications requiring a precision, spring actuated linear displacement measurement.

Key Features

  • Ranges from ±0.25" to ±10.0"
  • Reversible Spring Option
  • Non-linearity < 0.25%
  • Stainless Steel Construction