PC Board Oscillator/Demodulators - Series P010

Product Announcement from Trans-Tek, Inc.

 PC Board Oscillator/Demodulators - Series P010-Image

The Series P010 Oscillator/Demodulator PC Boards are the ideal AC LVDT interface for OEM applications. The compact circuit board design includes an ASIC for the oscillation/demodulation function, with peripheral components included for voltage regulation, output scaling and filtering. The synchronous demodulator converts the AC voltages from the secondary coils to a DC voltage, where the output is amplified and filtered. A standardized ±5 VDC output signal is adjustable by manipulating an integral trim pot and can be used as an input to most A/D cards. The small size of this PC Board design makes it ideal for applications where space is limited.

Key Features

  • Works with 5 and 6 wire LVDTs
  • Internally Regulated
  • DC Voltage Output
  • Small Size and Low Cost