UL approved Inrush Current Limiters, Thermistors

Product Announcement from Ametherm, Inc.

UL approved Inrush Current Limiters, Thermistors-Image

Regulators in most countries look for Underwriters Laboratories (UL) certification to ensure product safety.

Ametherm, a U.S. based manufacturer of inrush current limiters, recently received UL approval on its smaller power thermistors, providing engineers and manufacturers with a better choice of products that can consistently meet their design and development standards.

The Ametherm parts that received UL recognition are listed here.

Many of Ametherm's other power thermistors also have UL, as well as CSA (Canadian Standards Association), recognition.

Ametherm's smaller SL products have been in high demand in markets worldwide, especially for applications that have tighter spaces, yet still require durable protection from inrush current.

Since agency approvals involve extensive testing and processing, there are only a few inrush current limiter manufacturers that offer them. At the same time, safety standards are becoming more universal, making agency recognition more important when manufacturing electronic components and devices.