New England Tubing Technologies

New England Tubing Technologies has extensive spiral winding capabilities. We are able to provide spiral reinforcement to improve hoop (crush) strength and alter the flex characteristics of tubing. Our in-house technical staff designed and built our PLC controlled high speed spiral winders, capable of handling a wide range of members and wire gauges. We have produced sizes ranging from m... Read more...

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Why choose Onix?

  • Can stand up to normal job site conditions
  • No special tools required
  • Tighter bend radius allows for entry into hard to reach areas
  • Can't be kinked
  • Temperature range from 180°F to -30°F
  • Resistant to UV degradation whether outside for a day or a year

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Kuriyama of America, Inc.

Series A1243 Non-Toxic PVC Air Breathing Hose

A specially-designed non-toxic air breathing hose that provides low temperature flexibility and low odor. Read more...

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Advanced Technology Products

ATP is proud to introduce Surethane85 Polyurethane Tubing. Surethane85 is an ultra-flexible Shore A 85 durometer polyurethane tubing. The softer tubing enables enhanced flexibility compared to ATP's 98A Surethane. Read more...

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Zeus is the world’s largest extrusions manufacturer of Polytetrafluoroethylene, or PTFE, offering a wide range of standard sized products and customization. PTFE has the lowest coefficient of friction of any polymer and possesses a broad temperature range, allowing it to excel equally in extreme cold and hot environments. Read more...

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NewAge Industries, Inc. / AdvantaPure

Nylotube® nylon tubing for pneumatics and fluid transfer is well stocked in sizes up to 1" O.D. Nylotube is lightweight with excellent bend radii and pressure ratings. It resists solvents, alkalies, oils, greases, petroleum products, fungi, and molds. The tubing also offers corrosion and abrasion resistance and can withstand repeated flexing without fatigue or fracture... Read more...

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Zeus offers an impressive array of secondary and value-added services for advanced applications. We produce flared and flanged tubes, as well as a host of additional secondary services including: drilling, etching, bump and draw down tubing, tipping, striping, scoring, and slitting. Read more...

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Altaflo is an innovative producer of high performance fluoropolymer and fluoroplastic tubing and pipe.
All Altaflo products are manufactured using 100% virgin grade high performance resins to provide the best physical properties for your application.
We carry a broad range of stock products in PTFE, FEP, PFA, UHP PFA, PVDF, THV, PVDF FLEX, THV FLEX, THVP, ETFE a... Read more...

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Altaflo has recently added a new high purity material to its product offering. MFA (perfluoro methyl alkoxy) is a co-polymer of terafluoroethylene and perfluoromethyl vinyl. MFA tubing is similar in characteristics to PFA tubing but with higher purity levels and greater surface smoothness over conventional PFA materials. The extremely smooth, slick surface of MFA tubing allows for quick

...

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ALTAFLUOR® 400 PFA tubing is the product of choice for handling corrosive chemicals in aggressive environments Read more...

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