Tokusen Kogyo Co., Ltd.

High functional Metal Nano Particles for various applications

Silver Flakes
Taking advantage of the analytical and technical faculty for research and development of special steel wire, Tokusen aims to expand the market for not only metal wire, but also for other fields. We developed Silver flake with excellent properties.
Silver flake is widely used...

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MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions

Introducing a new packaging option for the ALPHA Argomax sinter paste that allows customers more manufacturing options, enables the facilitation of high-volume implementation and supports customer needs for automatic sinter paste dispensing on a stencil. Read more...

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Cri-Tech, Inc.

Cri-Tech brings 15+ years of experience compounding nanotubes (CNTs) and graphene materials into both plastics and elastomers to produce unique compounds to meet your demanding application needs. Read more...

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