ROHM Semiconductor GmbH

New White Chip LEDs: High Luminous Intensity (2.0cd) in a Class-Leading Small 1608 Size (Metric)

Improved ultra-compact design for greater space savings in battery-driven IoT equipment and drones Read more...

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Nexperia B.V.

Nexperia’s linear constant current LED drivers are a simple and robust solution to drive low- and medium-power LEDs up to 250 mA – making up the vast majority of applications in the growing LED market. The AEC-Q101 qualified NCR devices are easy-to-use, reliable, cost efficient, and do not affect EMC. Available in four package options. Read more...

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Littelfuse, Inc.

Littelfuse, Inc. introduced a series of PLEDs with an ultra-low holding current (just 21mA) that makes the ballast drivers widely used in the output of fluorescent tubes compatible with modern replacement LED strings or tubes. This eliminates the need to scrap otherwise still-working ballasts when replacing fluorescent lighting tubes with LED strings or tubes. Read more...

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