BinMaster, Inc.

Threaded 1-1/2” NPT sensor suitable for hazardous locations

The simple-to-install 1-1/2” NPT NCR-80 non-contact radar now offers optional Class II certifications for hazardous locations. This 80 GHz sensor focuses its powerful signal in a narrow 4° beam to penetrate dust and accurately measure solids in silos up to 80 feet tall.

This threaded model of the Bi...

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Arjay Engineering Ltd.

The 2852-PCD sensor monitors the capacitance field in front of the sensor plate. The sensing plate forms part of the chute or hopper wall to sense the product within. The increased presence of product in front of the sensor due to a plugging condition increases the capacitance field and initiates an alarm. Read more...

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Massa Products Corporation

MassaSonic® FlatPack® 95 ultrasonic sensor reliably operates with solid materials like powders or pellets and can handle repose angles encountered with pastes. These low profile, rugged and chemical resistant ultrasonic sensors are ideal for continuous non-contact monitoring of hoppers, bins, conveyors or challenging measurement surfaces. The 95 measures 4 in. - 13 ft. – le... Read more...

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