Acrolab Ltd.


Explosion Proof Fixed Element RTD‘s are for use in U.S. and Canadian hazardous areas. They are designed to extinguish flames inside the device eliminating the potential for ignition of ammable mixtures in the surrounding atmosphere. FM and CSA approved assemblies, dependent on connection head type, meet XP Class I, Division 1,... Read more...

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Dataforth Corporation

As a result of the advanced method of Cold Junction Compensation (CJC) used in Dataforth Corporation's MAQ20 thermocouple modules, the accuracy of these modules is significantly better than that offered by competing models. Read more...

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Pyromation, Inc.

Pyromation carries programmable RTD and thermocouple temperature transmitters that can be mounted in the temperature sensor assembly connection head, or surface mounted using a DIN rail mounting clip. Some units offer a visual digital display that shows the current measured value. Read more...

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Conax Technologies

Profile and Spike Thermocouples for Vertical and Horizontal Furnaces

Conax builds standard and custom-designed thermocouples for furnaces. We offer a platinum exchange program to significantly reduce the cost of new thermocouples, and will stock units for fast shipment. Read more...

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Siemens Process Instrumentation

SITRANS TF is used where other transmitters can't cope. One main point is its rating of IP67.

Made of rugged die cast aluminum or long-lasting stainless steel. It transforms resistance thermometers, thermocouples, Ohm and mV signals into a load independent DC current corresponding to sensor characteristic or a digital signal... Read more...

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Conax Technologies

Conax Technologies offers a variety of temperature transmitters to meet customer application requirements and configurations. The methods listed below are more economical than running long lengths of multi-conductor shielded cables for RTDs or specially compensated, shielded extension-grade wire for thermocouples. Read more...

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