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UIY Inc.

RF High Pass Filter UIYHPF3228A3T18SF; It can attenuate more than 50dB at DC to 2.5GHz while pass band from 3GHz up to 18GHz. Excellent RF performance but compact size with SMA-Female connectors. Tailor made services are also available by request. Read more...

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The QPQ3501 is an exceptionally high performance BAW Filter for sub-Band n78. This filter is housed in a compact 2.0 x 1.6 mm package for base station applications. Low insertion loss, coupled with high attenuation makes this filter an ideal choice for TDD Macro Cells and Small Cells.
The QPQ3501 is part of Qorvo’s extensive portfolio of RF BAW and... Read more...

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UIY Inc.

UHF Band Pass Filter 130MHz to 3000MHz with coaxial connector

* UHF Band Pass Filter: 130-3000MHz, from 1MHz to full bandwidth.

* Connector type: BNC,N,SMA

* Power: 2W ~ 100W

* Application: Military, space, telecom, network etc.

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Marki Microwave, Inc.

Calculators and applications for online RF analysis and synthesis Ease your RF and microwave development with RF Tools Read more...

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Smiths Interconnect

High volume and various mounting configurations

Ceramic Filters are manufactured in two basic styles for both commercial and military applications. The high-volume, cost-effective units in open frame, non-hermetic packages are most often used in commercial applications. The lower volume, custom designed hermetic packages find wide usages in military applications. Both styles are a... Read more...

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Richardson RFPD

Ceramic dielectric technology has been utilized for band pass filtering radio applications for decades. Used almost exclusively under 6.0 GHz, CTS has expanded the technology for X-Band, Ku-Band, and Ka-Band applications. Read more...

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Knowles Precision Devices

Space applications demand products of high quality, with appropriate additional testing to ensure long-term reliability. Our world-class engineering team understands the challenges of developing components optimized for space, including meeting ever evolving SWaP (size, weight and power) requirements and rigorous testing standards. Read more...

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