PHOTONIS Technologies SAS

Photonis Introduces Cricket Intensified Image Adaptor

This plug-and-play adaptor from Photonis can be attached to any scientific camera to intensify images in the 200 to 900nm range. Cricket can be customized to your specification, including MCP size and format, choice of phosphor screen, and Hi-QE photocathode. Read more...

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Lumenera Corporation

The Lumenera Lt29059H is a 29 megapixel, USB 3.1 Gen 1 camera that is built for rugged 24/7 use.With its 35 mm format KAI-29052 CCD sensor, fully global electronic shutter, & NIR enhancement, it captures high resolution images with zero blur.The Lt29059H is suited for challenging imaging applications such as intelligent traffic systems, high-resolution industrial inspection, & ae... Read more...

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