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  • Rotary Screw Compressor Winterizing Tips
    The oil flooded rotary screw is the most popular type of air compressor used by industrial plants. However, there is still a mystique about some aspects of this type of compressor. The company featured on our website at has repaired thousands of rotary screw airends. We wanted to gather ideas from
  • Basics of Rotary Screw Compressor Lubricants
    Lubricant is a critical component in rotary screw compressors. Understanding the characteristics of lubricant types helps ensure their proper application and increases customer satisfaction by extending the service life of compressors. Below we discuss the types of lubricants and then discuss
  • Molykote (R) Synthetic Oil Extends Lubricant Lifetime by 57% in Air Compressor Application
    To understand the advantages of this premium fluid, consideration should be. given to special demands of the application. In a rotary screw compressor,. the lubricant performs several difficult functions: * Lubricating the shaft seals, bearings and rotating screws. * Removing the heat
  • Food Processing Plant Extends Service Interval Ten Times, Eliminates Varnish Buildup with Synthetic Compressor Oil
    A U.S. food processing plant relies on a rotary screw compressor to provide. power for hand equipment throughout the plant. Mineral oils were originally. used as coolants. and lubricants with this equipment. Food-grade formulation. (H-1) mineral oils were only serviceable for 500 hours of operation
  • Variable Frequency Drive
    In recent years reliable and efficient variable frequency drives have revolutionized drive systems. The advantages seem obvious, adapt output requirements to various demands while optimizing energy consumption. So why is it that not every single rotary screw compressor is now sold with variable
  • Conformable Coating Narrows Compressor Air Gaps, Boosts Efficiency
    Conformal Coating Supercharges Compressor Efficiency A polymeric coating that compresses to match rotor clearances cuts leakage without expensive precision machining. * Rotary compressor efficiency is closely linked to air-gap width. * DB L-908 coating fills the gap and permanently compresses
  • Ambient Air's Impact on Compressed Air System Performance
    Ambient air conditions have a. significant impact on rotary screw. air compressor and refrigerated air. dryer performance. Understanding. and managing equipment inlet air. pressure and temperature, ensuring. proper compressor room ventilation,. and managing airborne particulates,. caustic gases
  • Improving Energy Efficiency in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Operations Part I: Motors, Drives and Compressed Air Systems
    . Replace air lubricant separators according to specifications or sooner. Rotary screw compressors generally start with their air lubricant separators having a 2-3 psi pressure drop at full load. Once this number increases to 10 psid, change the separator [14]. Check water-cooling systems for water quality

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