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  • Machining Centers-Image
    Machining Centers - (551 companies)
    Machining centers are machine tools that are used to automatically repeat operations on a workpiece. They are usually numerically controlled. Operations include drilling, reaming, tapping, milling, and boring. Machining centers are machine tools...
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  • CNC Machining Services-Image
    CNC Machining Services - (5503 companies)
    ...this programming to precisely shape the part from a workpiece of a specified size. The operation can be repeated any number of times, allowing for the fast generation of nearly identical parts. Here is an example of a CNC milling machine cutting...
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  • Milling Machines-Image
    Milling Machines - (683 companies)
    Milling machines move a clamped workpiece into a fixed, rotating cutter; or move the cutter itself into a stationary workpiece. There are two basic configurations: vertical and horizontal. Milling machines move a workpiece into a fixed cutter...
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    Wire Mills and Wire Flattening Machines - (51 companies)
    Wire mills and wire flattening machines produce square or rectangular flat wire as well as shaped wire with contoured cross-sections and complex profiles. They flatten or produce profiles and shapes on the wire itself by drawing it through rolls...
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    Rolling Mills - (73 companies)
    How to Select Rolling Mills. Rolling mills are machines that shape metal by passing it through two rolls. They are used to flatten and reduce metal to a sheet or plate. How Rolling Mills Work. Most rolling mills feature two or more rolls arranged...
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    Milling Cutters - (847 companies)
    Milling cutters are rotating cutting tools that are used mainly in milling machines and machining centers. Common configurations include end mills, face mills, shell mills, and application-specific cutters and geometries. How to Select Milling...
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    End Mills - (545 companies)
    End mills are widely-used, multiple-flute cutters typically used for machining metals or plastics. They are typically mounted vertically and have two-or-more helical flutes. End mills are usually configured to cut with their ends and on their sides...
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    Tube Mills and Pipe Mills - (17 companies)
    Tube mills and pipe mills fabricate metal tubes and pipes. Tube and pipe mills typically consist of a series of machines to form, weld, and cut metal plate or sheet to finished tube or pipe form. Tube mills and pipe mills produce tubes and pipes...
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    Thread Mills - (68 companies)
    Forming. Thread milling is recommended for the production of taper pipe threads and use with difficult-to-machine materials, such as high-temperature alloys and some heat-treated metals. Although thread mills are generally more flexible than thread...
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    Face Mills - (103 companies)
    ...whose radius is one half of the cutter diameter. This type of face mills tip is useful for machining female semicircle grooves of radii. Radius-tipped face mills ends are straight flutes with ground radius on the very tip. Chamfer tip ends feature...
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  • Effect of Implant Angulation, Connection Length, and Impression Material on the Dimensional Accuracy of Implant Impressions: An In Vitro Comparative Study
    By means of a vertical milling machine ( Alliant vertical milling machine, Alliant, Cincinnati, OH, USA), four holes were cut on both the master models matching the diameter and the length of four 3.3 ¥ 13-mm standard implant steel analogues (Winsix …
  • Languages and Compilers for Parallel Computing
    … era was in the 1980s, when mini-supercomputer companies such as Tera and Alliant had a significant … … super-minis was memory, processor and bus speeds that were much more balanced than in today’s machines . S. Rajopadhye and M. Mills Strout (Eds.): LCPC 2011, LNCS 7146, pp. 141–155, 2013. c Springer-Verlag …
    I am indebted to Howard Christiansen of Colorado Fuel and Iron for his excellent tour of the rail finishing mill and roller- straightener, and to him and to Steve Didyk … … Steel for providing me with information about straightening and straightening machines . Computations were performed on an Alliant FX/8 computer through the support of the Defense Advanced Research Projects …
    … to be an insigniticant difference between cryo-removed propellants and propellant mechanically ground inside the Wiley mill . … supported by many years of freezing propellants with dl'y ice or LN2 before machining operations or storage. … SUPPORT TESTS AT PIT 38 Additional design support tests were pedbnned at thc Alliant Techsystems Pit 38 …
  • MAG VIPER Fiber Placement System Stands Out In Competitive Evaluation - Earns Order For Two Systems From Alliant Techsystems For F-35 Wing Production
    … F-35 Lightning II with an order for two VIPER 6000 Fiber Placement Systems from Alliant Techsystems. The two systems will be the first MAG fiber placement machines installed at ATK's Clearfield, Utah, facility … MAG also supplies drilling and milling systems for the F-35 program and recently received an order …
  • Industry News: Metals, Polymers, Ceramics (September 2010)
    METALS POLYMERS CERAMICS ATK ships composite aircraft stringers Alliant Techsystems has shipped the first deliverables on the … … is uniquely positioned to produce by its proprietary and patented Automated Stiffener Forming Machine (ASFM) manufacturing technology. RTI International Metals Inc. announces that Airbus has ordered more titanium mill product volume for 2010 than …
  • Chip formation analysis in micromilling operation
    Tech. Rep., Alliant Techsystems Inc 23. … Determination of work mater- ial flow stress and friction properties for fea of machining using orthogonal cutting … 2008) Surface generation analysis in micro end- milling considering the influences of grain.
  • Industry News: Process Technology (October 2008)
    … org Nucor Corp. plans to install a plate heat-treating facility at its mill in Hertford County … Stiffener forming machine lowers cost, raises quality A stiffener forming machine that provides automation technology for the manufacture of composite stiffeners has been announced by Alliant Techsystems, Minneapolis, Minn.
  • 3D finite element modeling of face milling of continuous chip material
    2004) Three-dimensional finite element modeling of high-speed milling of Inconel 718. 2003) Extension of Oxley’s analysis of machining to use different material models. 1996) User Instruction for the 1996 Version of the EPIC Code, Alliant Techsystems Inc. 34.
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