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  • A Pump Built For Chemical Compatibility
    , toxicity and abrasiveness, to name a few. These varying product characteristics must also be. successfully handled while adhering to strict production. quotas. Peristaltic (Hose) Pump Technology proves its worth in critical chemical production and handling operations.
  • The Handbook of Adhesive Chemical and Compounding Ingredients, Second Edition
    The Handbook of Adhesive Chemical and Compounding Ingredients, Second Edition. Containing comprehensive coverage on raw materials used in the manufacture of adhesives, this handbook is organized by trade name, chemical components, functions and application areas, manufacturer, CAS number
  • Chemical Compatibility Database for materials: Seals, Gaskets and moldings
    Our Chemical Compatibility Database (CCD) has been created to help you make the right choice of materials for the environment that your product has to operate in. Simply enter the name of your chemical in the box
  • About Propylene Glycols
    The propylene glycol family of chemical compounds consists of monopropylene glycol (PG), dipropylene glycol (DPG),. and tripropylene glycol (TPG). The proper IUPAC chemical name for PG is 1,2-propanediol and it is listed on the U.S. EPA Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) inventory of chemical
  • Specialty Chemicals Source Book, Third Edition
    Specialty Chemicals Source Book, Third Edition. Containing approximately 15,000 chemical monographs, 48,000 chemical synonyms and 53,000 trade name equivalents, this book focuses on the development of chemicals and materials from the perspective of function and market value.
  • Biological Water Treatment
    ABB instrumentation was an obvious choice when the Swedish pulp producer Vallviks Bruk AB built a new plant for biological water treatment. Vallviks Bruk AB, located about 200 km (125 miles) north of. Stockholm, produces softwood kraft pulp and chemical pulp for export. A tour of the mill shows
  • Corrosion-resistant Coatings for Fan Equipment
    , chemical resistance, and temperature limitations. Coating manufacturers offer a. variety of brand name coatings which can be categorized by these generic classifications.
  • Sourcing Complex Quartz Components
    The unique thermal, optical and mechanical properties of quam glass make it ideal for. use in a wide variety of applications where other materials are problematic. Properties such as hardness, chemical purity, resistance to high temperatures and. corrosion, and electrical insulation - to name a few

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