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    Rotating Unions - (127 companies)
    ...national pipe thread (NPT), British standard pipe (BSP), and unified coarse thread (UNC). Video Credit: Rotary Systems, Inc. via YouTube/ CC BY 3.0. Applications. Rotating unions are used in the production of textiles, clutches and brakes, automobiles...
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  • Swivel Joints-Image
    Swivel Joints - (124 companies) measured in pounds per square inch (psi). Torque drag is a measure of the swivel joint 's resistance to rotation. There are many different end connections for swivel joints. Some products are designed as threaded, beveled, or flanged. Other feature union...
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  • Hydraulic Rotary Actuators-Image
    Hydraulic Rotary Actuators - (174 companies)
    Description. Hydraulic rotary actuators use a pressurized, incompressible fluid to rotate mechanical components. They are faster and more powerful than pneumatic actuators because the high pressures used in hydraulic systems produce greater torque...
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  • Rotary Dampers-Image
    Rotary Dampers - (42 companies)
    Rotary dampers absorb and slow rotary motion for the mitigation of vibration, noise, and machine component wear. Rotary dampers are gear-like devices designed to limit the movement of a moving piece of equipment. Rotary dampers absorb and slow down...
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  • Rotary Stages-Image
    Rotary Stages - (139 companies)
    Rotary positioning stages are devices with tables or shafts that may be rotated to any angular position. They may be driven or simple slides. Rotary stages are mechanical devices that are used to rotate objects in motion control applications...
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    Rotary Position Sensors - (200 companies)
    Rotary position sensors include potentiometers, resolvers and a variety of magnetic and capacitive technologies. Sensors are designed for angular displacement less than one turn or for multiturn displacement. Rotary position sensors provide...
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    Rotary Switches - (352 companies)
    Rotary switches move in a circle and can stop in several positions. There are two basic styles: single-deck and multi-deck. Rotary switches move in a circle and can stop in several positions. They are used to control many different circuits...
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    Rotary Solenoids - (71 companies)
    Rotary solenoids are electromechanical devices that convert axial motion into rotary strokes. These transducers have a higher starting force (torque) than linear solenoids, and are more resistant to shock. How to Select Rotary Solenoids. Rotary...
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    Rotary Shafts - (153 companies)
    Rotary shafts are elongated, rod-shaped devices that rotate about a longitudinal axis and transmit torque. They are similar in shape to linear shafts, but are designed to withstand torsional forces. Rotary shafts are elongated, rod-shaped devices...
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    Rotary Coded DIP Switches - (66 companies)
    Rotary coded dual in-line package (DIP) switches are activated by a rotating shaft and have several stop positions. They use the DIP form factor so that arrays of multiple switches can be incorporated into a single package. Rotary coded DIP switches...
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