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    Scissor Lifts - (213 companies)
    Scissor lifts are devices that use a scissor-like mechanism to raise and lower a work platform. This item of material handling equipment conveys personnel and cargo in the vertical plane. Scissor lifts may be stationary, self-propelled, or vehicle...
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    Lifts - (1667 companies)
    ...may be raised or lowered. These include: Scissors lifts - Scissor lifts use linked, folding support members to achieve lifts. The lifting action occurs when the members are drawn together, typically with a screw mechanism. Screw lifts - Screw lifts...
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  • Boom Lifts-Image
    Boom Lifts - (119 companies)
    Boom lifts have an articulating arm or telescopic extension for lifting materials or personnel. They are used widely in construction and utility applications, but are also considered to be aerial equipment. Telescopic booms have a straight arm...
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  • Dock Lifts-Image
    Dock Lifts - (109 companies)
    ...scissor lifts, screw lifts, rack and pinion lifts, telescoping lifts, and articulated lifts. Scissor lifts use linked, folding support members to achieve lifting. The lifting action occurs when the members are drawn together, typically with a screw...
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  • Lift Tables-Image
    Lift Tables - (381 companies)
    ...mechanisms are not design-exclusive and two types of lift mechanism can be utilized to provide the necessary raising. Scissor. Scissor lifts are by far the most common type of lift table. The power source collapses the base of a pantograph to extend...
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    Vehicle Lifts - (62 companies)
    ...or hydraulic motor. Electric lifts have an electric motor and may use a screw or screw/scissor combination. Manually-actuated lifts are driven by hand crank or screw drive, or by foot pumping or ratcheting. In addition to actuation method, capacity...
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    Lifting Jacks - (408 companies) hold the load in place in case the jack fails. Types. There are many different types of lifting jacks including bottle jacks, floor jacks, ratchet jacks, scissor jacks, screw jacks, transmission jacks and others. Bottle Jacks. These are simple...
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    Vacuum Lifters - (138 companies) an external hydraulic cylinder or hydraulic motor. Electric-powered vacuum lifters have an electric motor and feature a screw/scissor combination. Mechanical or self-powered vacuum lifters that do not require electrical or compressed air service are also...
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    Lift Stations - (86 companies)
    Lift stations contain pumps, valves, and electrical equipment necessary to pump water or wastewater from a low elevation to a high elevation. Lift stations, also called pumping stations, contain pumps, valves, and electrical equipment necessary...
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    Lifting Columns - (20 companies)
    Lifting columns are self-supporting, telescopic actuators for lifting and height adjustment. Lifting columns, also known as telescopic lifting devices, consist of linear actuators fitted with guides to provide stable vertical movement. A motor unit...
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