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  • Fluorescent Lamps-Image
    Fluorescent Lamps - (432 companies)
    Fluorescent lamps are high-efficiency lamps that use electrical discharge through low-pressure mercury vapor to produce ultraviolet (UV) energy, which is then transformed into visible light. The UV excites phosphor materials applied as a thin layer...
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    Industrial Dyes - (186 companies)
    Industrial dyes are colorants consisting of single molecules that are able to absorb certain parts of the spectrum of visible light and reflect others. Industrial dyes are colorants which are soluble in water or other intended substrates. The color...
  • Dye Lasers-Image
    Dye Lasers - (15 companies)
    Dye lasers use a dye solution as an active medium. Their output is a short pulse of broad spectrum content with a high achievable gain. Dye lasers use a dye solution as an active medium. Dye lasers are generally used in skin treatment. Dye lasers...
    Curve Tracers - (16 companies)
    Curve tracers vary a parameter and measure another to analyze the characteristic curves of discrete semiconductor devices such as diodes, transistors, and thyristors. Curve tracers are electronic test devices similar to oscilloscopes. They operate...
  • UV Sensors-Image
    UV Sensors - (59 companies)
    UV sensors are used in many different applications. Examples include pharmaceuticals, automobiles, and robotics. UV sensors are also used in the printing industry for solvent handling and dyeing processes. In addition, UV sensors are also used...
    UV Lamps - (42 companies)
    ...have industrial uses in sterilization, geology, polymer and adhesive curing, and laboratory research and analysis, including biological analysis. UV lamps often use fluorescent sources, short-wave, and gas-discharge lamps. Types. UV lamps emit UV...
    Circuit Tracers - (32 companies)
    Circuit tracers or signal tracers are used to troubleshoot circuits. They are relatively simple electrical testing instruments that enable electricians and other users to locate, trace and identify common electrical problems such as breakers, shorts...
    UV Cameras - (25 companies)
    ...exposure times very small when recording in UV fluorescent situations. Sensitivity. For UV cameras, this is the ability of the image sensor to record UV light. CCD cameras are sufficiently sensitive to UV radiation, while CMOS cameras tend to be inadequate...
    Vacuum Fluorescent Displays - (36 companies)
    Vacuum fluorescent displays (VFD) provide high brightness, wide viewing angles, and relatively low cost. Vacuum fluorescent displays (VFD) are voltage-controlled devices that provide high brightness and wide viewing angles. These relatively low-cost...
    UV Light Systems - (344 companies)
    Fluorescent dyes are used in biochemistry and forensics as genetic markers for research. Many plants and animals can use UV illumination to survive. Some plants benefit from using UV radiation as a light source for promoting growth. UV traps can also be used...

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