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  • What Is a Go / NoGo Gage?
    GO-NO GO GAGES. The concept of Go-No Go gaging is so simple in its logic that it has been known to delight philosophers. For them, a Go-No Go situation is the very rare case where there are only two alternatives - black and white - with no gray in betwee- n. In practice it is not quite so simple
  • About Gage Blocks
    Gage blocks are a staple of machine shops, measurement labs, factories, and anywhere else a precision measurement reference is needed. Gage blocks (or "gauge" blocks) can serve as a simple go/nogo gage, or be used to calibrate other equipment, such as micrometers, calipers, or dial indicators
  • Fixed Limit Gages...What Are They?
    this discussion to a manageable level, we are going to talk exclusively about fixed-limit gages, which are basic and foolproof in their use. Fixed limit, or Go / NoGo gages are 'Attribute gages'. Attribute gages check the extreme limits of the product tolerance letting you know the product is within its
  • High Quality Strain Gage Load Cells
    Strain gage load cells are manufactured all over the world; some with very high quality. and others with marginal to poor quality. Load cell users should be aware of what goes. into manufacturing a quality load cell. This paper will attempt to do that in "lay terms" in order to assist the potential
  • Cylindrical Taperlock Design
    and tolerance marked on the shank of the members. If or when they are removed from the handles there is no confusion as to what they are. As a further aid in identification, the Go and NoGo members have a different length of gaging surface. It is permissible to make the NoGo gage shorter because
  • Cylindrical Reversible Design
    and used at the opposite end when one end becomes worn and goes out of tolerance. The gaging members are simple pins that can be removed from the handle by loosening the collet nuts at the ends. Larger gage members can be identified by marking the size and tolerance on the ends. When the gage is too small
  • Cylindrical Progressive Design
    In some special cases, a little gaging time can be saved by putting the Go and NoGo diameters on a single gage member. A progressive plug, for example, is suitable for checking a short hole, which is open at both ends. Obviously, the hole cannot be deeper than the Go section of the plug
  • Thread Inspection
    Many years of experience with customer concerns related to threads indicates there is value in clarifying three main areas of thread inspection criteria. These three areas are: 1. The proper use of NO GO gages and acceptance of product. 2. Dimensional accommodation of coating or plating - limits

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  • Production excimer drilling process for producing micron exit holes in polyimide
    Exit Side Quality Go / No Gauge .
  • Is Remote Diagnostics a Good Option for Your Condition Monitoring Program?
    ASTM data collection preventative maintenance remote diagnostics green technology seminars resistance to water washout stationary manufacturing shaft misalignment go/no gauges data analysis resistance to water spray continuous improvement PeakVue kPa data streamlining vibration data parameters Condition Based Monitoring maintenance demodulation …
  • BF3202 Gluten Fan Bearing Inspection
    … parameters seminars data management demodulation spectrum shaft misalignment bearing failure resistance to water washout maintenance data streamlining resistance to water spray PeakVue data collection rpm manufacturing stationary continuous improvement kPa Machinery States data analysis go/no gauges pinion refrigeration production capacity …
  • MR Steam Turbine Material Accelerator
    green technology resistance to water spray PeakVue continuous improvement data management bearing remote data analysis manufacturing data collection kPa stationary data streamlining preventative maintenance maintenance data analysis Machinery States grease selection vibration data parameters go/no gauges demodulation spectrum repairable spares …
  • Carbon Furnace Induced Draft Fan Case Study
    Machinery States manufacturing data streamlining seminars stationary ASTM maintenance vibration data parameters pinion kPa go/no gauges grease selection preventative maintenance data collection data management green technology continuous improvement remote data analysis data analysis remote diagnostics demodulation spectrum bearing resistance to …
  • Infrared Thermography of Power Circuits
    shaft misalignment stationary seminars data collection bearing remote diagnostics vibration data parameters rpm preventative maintenance Condition Based Monitoring maintenance manufacturing pinion resistance to water washout ASTM go/no gauges grease selection bearing failure resistance to water spray data analysis PeakVue continuous …
  • How to Ensure Accurate Motor Circuit Defect Identification
    data management seminars remote diagnostics continuous improvement pinion resistance to water washout remote data analysis go/no gauges bearing failure data streamlining vibration data parameters data collection maintenance shaft misalignment Condition Based Monitoring resistance to water spray rpm ASTM PeakVue green …
  • Improper Machine Installation will Lead to Future Unreliability
    green technology stationary grease selection Machinery States remote data analysis preventative maintenance kPa shaft misalignment bearing rpm ASTM maintenance Condition Based Monitoring data management demodulation spectrum data collection go/no gauges manufacturing seminars pinion continuous improvement efficiency consulting production capacity refrigeration …