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  • High-five to high-side current sensing
    through the meter. The technique was called high-side current sensing. However, high-side shunts require isolation in modern electronic control systems because of their direct connection to the high-side voltage rail. Current transformers perform this service in ac power systems. But the size and cost
  • U.S. Patents | 2004 | A B T |
    Raymond Raney, Delphi Technologies, Inc. U.S. 6,758,701 (20040706), High voltage terminal, Yoshiaki Kato, Kabushiki Kaisha Tokai Rika Denki Seisakusho (JP). U.S. 6,758,868 (20040706), Electrochemical capacitor and methods of fabricating same, M. Zafar A. Munshi, Lithium Power Technologies, Inc. U.S.
  • Application Note on Remote Control of UltraVolt HVPS
    By varying the voltage at the Remote Adjust Input terminal (pin 6) between 0 and +5V, the UV high-voltage power supply (HVPS)'s output voltage can be adjusted. The output voltage can be varied over the full range from 0 to the maximum output voltage. By design, the maximum HVPS output
  • AMPRON's PTC thermistor for lightning protection and overload protection
    A PTC thermistor for lightning protection and overload protection, MZ25-9R0H160, designed by AMPRON, which could withstand a high voltage of 600V and effectively prevent telecom terminal telephone unit interface from damage caused by lightning. This device has been widely recognized and applied
  • DC Performance Comparisons of CMOS vs Bipolar LDOs When Operating in "Dropout" (Vin = Nominal Vout) Mode (list devices)
    More and more, battery operated systems are requiring lower terminal voltages to power internal circuits. Multi-cell designs are rapidly migrating to single-cell architectures to reduce system cost. A prime example of this system type is digital cameras, which often use a single-cell 3.6V Li-Ion
  • Transient Suppression Devices & Principles (.pdf)
    description will follow later in this section. A voltage-clamping device is a component having a variable impedance depending on the current flowing through the device or on the voltage across its terminal. These devices exhibit a nonlinear impedance characteristic that is, Ohm's law is applicable
  • AN0014 X2Y Balanced Line EMI Chip Reliability and Performance Data
    The X2Y Balanced Line EMI Chip is a 3 terminal device with a revolutionary internal design, offering simultaneous line-to-line and line-to-ground filtering, using a single chip. The novel electrode structure provides a much reduced inductance when compared to conventional capacitors, which enhances
  • Combing GDTs and MOVs for Surge Protection of AC Power Lines (.pdf)
    AC power line disturbances are the cause of many equipment failures. The damage can be as elusive as occasional data crashes or as dramatic as the destruction of a power supply, computer terminal, or television set. Power line disturbances go by many names -- transients, surges, spikes, glitches
  • 5 Tests to Calibrate Your DT80 Range Data Logger
    with using the dataTaker command language and a suitable terminal application such as DeTransfer. Equipment required: 1x Programmable Precision voltage source*. 1x 100O 0.05% 5ppm or better. 1x 1000O 0.05% 5ppm or better. *The high-voltage range of the logger has an input impedance of approximately
  • Digital does analog
    , which has come to function like a computer terminal, music player, and camera for both pictures and video. Digital circuits, of course, make such versatility possible. But consider how a digital circuit looks to its power source. It's well known that maximum power is transferred, and thus used, when
  • Worldwide Lithium Battery Development Progress at the 41st Power Sources Conference | by Henry Oman | August 2004 | A B T |
    with the same terminal voltage. This requires designing and testing a new cell to confirm its performance in terms of charge/discharge cycles. Successes in both of these basic approaches were reported in 17 papers
  • Bye, bye bacteria
    from the Radiation Safety Academy, Gaithersburg, Md. "Basically a high voltage is applied to a filament, usually tungsten,

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