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  • Wind Energy Solutions (.pdf)
    Moog can supply integrated fluid rotary unions that carry hydraulic fluids across the rotary joint .
  • Mid-sized omnidirectional robot with hydraulic drive and steering
    One major challenge in designing a hydraulic omni-directional wheel assembly is the fact that hydraulic fluid must be continuously delivered to the drive motor through an infinitely rotating joint . A Rotary Systems 011 Series two-passage rotating union provided a very compact and rugged off-the-shelf application as detailed in Figures 6.
    Eachlocomotorjoirtt is a modular assembly containing a hydraulic rotary vane actuator with integral bearings, a hydraulic rotary union , and a position sensor. See Figure 4) The joint has low friction to enable a limp fail-safe condition.
  • Integrated Designs for Demanding Applications
    A customer was finalizing their electrical slip ring order when they asked a question we hear all the time; “I don’t suppose you know someone who handles rotating hydraulic joints , do you?” The answer couldn’t be more simple, because Rotary Systems offers what most can’t - A fully integrated rotary union and slip ring combination without the hassles and additional costs of including third-party suppliers.
  • Centrifuge model study of thresholds for rainfall-induced landslides in sandy slopes
    A data acquisition system enables the transfer of sensor readings from the centrifuge model to the control room through a fibre optic rotary joint . De-aired water, used in rainfall simulations, is supplied to the model through a hydraulic rotary union .