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  • Crash Dummy Impact Pressures
    Crash Dummy The High Speed I-Scan force and pressure measurement system can be used in crash test dummy studies to capture the dynamic pressures and forces that are exerted during an impact. High-Speed I-Scan can identify the temporal, local, peak, and spatial pressures of two objects colliding
  • Test Report: Impact On Low Voltage Motor Performance
    This test report reviews the results of common and routine performance testing carried out on an electric motor before and after rebuilding the motor with Zeus-manufactured products including crystalline PEEK-coated magnet wire and PEEK Lay-Flat (R) tubing used as. insulating material.
  • Using Unidirectional Glass Tapes to Improve Impact Performance
    patterns were then used in conjunction with. charges produced in the direct-long-fiber thermoplastic. (D-LFT) inline compounding (ILC) process to compression. mold both test plaques and later an actual automotive. underbody-shield part to determine the extent to which. impact performance could
  • NASA's Remote Hypervelocity Test Laboratory
    is home to the Remote Hypervelocity Test Laboratory (RHTL), which is a hazardous test area that simulates micrometeroid and other debris on spacecraft materials and components. The RHTL works in close partnership with the JSC Hypervelocity Impact Technology Facility (HITF) in Houston, TX, to measure
  • Test condition makes the impact on the sensitivity of microphone
    Generally speaking, the sensitivity of the microphone will increase when we raise the impedance at 2.2K of RL, the results as the graph 1 & 2. The sensitivity also rises if we give higher voltage to the microphone, graph 3 & 4.
  • Group Delay and its Impact on Serial Data Transmission and Testing (.pdf)
    of phase response and group delay. This paper goes into greater detail on this topic and explains what group delay is, what its impact is, what theoretically correct group delay is, and how group delay is compensated in both serial data test equipment and serial data transmitters and receivers.
  • Medical Device Link . The Impact of EMC Regulations on Medical Device Design
    interference (EMI), causing serious risks to patients and health-care providers, various regulatory bodies have developed standards and regulations covering both emissions and immunity. In the fourth edition of (1995), we addressed the EMI requirements and their impact on device design. These EMI regulations
  • New Test Facility Mimics Rail Car "Humping "
    to engage the couplers often damages shipping containers, racks, dunnage, and the products themselves. But a new humping impact simulator from Control Power-Reliance, Troy, Mich., can help engineers design packaging that better withstands the abuse. The test equipment is nearly as massive as the rail
  • Medical Device Link . Predicting Cryogenic Impact Performance of Medical Containers from Resin Properties
    the finished product will perform in an actual application. Accordingly, the objective of this study was to test the hypothesis that the cryogenic impact performance of medical containers can be correlated and predicted from the test results of the resins and corresponding films. The procedure followed
  • Automotive Market Trends and Their Impact on TECAT
    Several market trends will have positive and in some cases, challenging, effects on TECAT's Test and Measurement business in the Automotive market.

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