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  • Cylinder Speed Chart
    This chart will help you calculate the time required for an Enerpac cylinder to lift a load when powered by a 10,000 psi Enerpac hydraulic pump.
  • Swing Clamp Selection Tool
    This chart will help you calculate the time required for an Enerpac cylinder to lift a load when powered by a 10,000 psi Enerpac hydraulic pump. The Cylinder Speed Chart can also be used to determine the pump type and model best suited for an application when you know the plunger speed required.
  • Don't destroy that race-car engine. Use this software instead.
    In the past, simulating race-car performance was usually the bailiwick of dedicated analysts running high-end, expensive equipment. A chart in LapSim shows the resulting airflow of the intake valves, dependent on valve lift. Airflow is calculated from input parameters such as valve angles, lengths
  • The mystery of why V8 engines sound so euphonious
    When I first learned to drive, our family had a variety of cars and pickup trucks, all with in-line six-cylinder engines. My ear became accustomed to their exhaust sound as being normal for anything automotive. Then one day a friend gave me a lift in his Ford V8, and I suddenly realized that V8s
  • Compression ignition comes to gas engines
    this technology real. " HCCI is the capstone of an integrated suite of engine technologies that includes central direct-fuel injection, variable-valve lift, mechanical camshaft phasing, and individual cylinder pressure sensing. HCCI engines are said to use 15% less gas than conventional port-fuel
  • Accumulators Deliver New Payoffs
    used as rechargeable hydraulic batteries to recover and store energy in mobile and stationary equipment. Excavators are a typical case in point. An excavator's massive lift arms generate a great deal of force when lowered. Conventional hydraulic systems control this motion by throttling fluid through
  • Hydraulics Safely and Smoothly Moves Broadway Stage
    for the scenery. The set requires two hydraulic linear actuators, explains Chuck Adomanis, automation department head of , Yonkers, N. Y. One is a large lift at center stage that raises and lowers Billy's house. The second cylinder mounts to the house and moves a bed. At times, the house lowers
  • Making Sense of Electrohydraulic Controllers
    hydraulic-based motion. Although valued for its ability to move, crush, or lift heavy loads, hydraulics is often not considered exceptionally precise, or able to support complex, synchronized multiaxis operations. The advent of closed-loop electrohydraulic (EH) motion controllers has changed

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  • Oil hydraulic system
    1)zwischengeneratorischemGetriebeteil(WinkelPumpenwelle)undH-Schwenkmotor (angle motor shaft) or rotary- stroke cylinder (the angle motor shaft combines with path piston rod) is however controllably so, that contexts deviating itself mehrfunktionale of gleichsinnig linear rotation (gear function D2) between mechanical to allow to …
  • Seed Conditioning, Volume 3: Crop Seed Conditioning
    Cylinder Separator: separates small short undesirable particles, and long undesirable trash if the system includes a lifting cylinder (not always .
  • Oil hydraulic system
    Wheel loader, design Orenstein & pen [100], now CNH construction machines [364]. a scheme image of a wheel loader with knickgelenktem frame, 1 diesel engine with adjusting pumps (combination pump), 2 tilting cylinders, 3 stroke cylinders , 4 front axle (rigid axis with …
  • Manual combustion engine
    In the commercial vehicle, the preferably pneumatic drives with stroke cylinders are used that are connected to the vehicle compressed air supply.
  • Bases of linear drive technique
    Stroke gear, actuators and electro stroke cylinder .
  • Computerized operating procedures for shearing and dissolution of segments from LWBR (Light Water Breeder Reactor) fuel rods
    Raise the fuel rod cradle lifting cylinders .
  • Dubbel
    There is a fork lift truck of a vehicle body ungefedert supported on three or four wheels, a mostly immediately on the front axle neigbar mounted, through two stroke cylinders telescopically extendable lifting mast and the stroke carriage guided in it with …
  • Dubbel
    Lifting frames are weldments of two paralleled rolling profiles and at least 2 transverse carriers for connection of profiles and for receiving of the stroke cylinders .