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  • Lorentz forces shrink motor size
    The ironless stator of the e-Torq motor eliminates the iron saturation common to most other types and lets the motor run smoothly at extremely low speed, even when powered by a standard drive. In addition, the high peak torque capability eliminates gearboxes for many applications, such as where
  • How to Select a Low Noise Fan
    Horsepower (Not motor horsepower). The formula is given here to demonstrate the fact that the tip speed of the blades is by far the strongest indicator of the noise a fan will produce. To select a low noise fan, therefore, it is most effective to reduce the tip speed by lowering the RPM which can be done
  • What is a Torque Motor?
    greater efficiency and power, especially at low rpm. Meanwhile minimizing maintenance requirements.
  • Sensorless BLDC Control with Back-EMF Filtering
    the motor windings based on the filtered back-EMF signals. This control technique precludes the need for discrete, low-pass filtering hardware and off-chip comparators. BLDC motors are used in a variety of applications. The algorithm described in this application note targets BLDC motors
  • Mighty motors
    induction motors, normally designed to run at base speeds between 850 to 3,500 rpm, are not particularly suited for low-speed operation because efficiency drops with reduced speed. They also may be unable to deliver smooth torque at low speeds. A gearbox is the traditional mechanical solution
  • Medical Device Link .
    A dc motor offers a service life of 3000 hours continuous duty (sintered bronze bearing version) and produces low noise. The 42-mm-diam unit is rated at a maximum 50-W usable power (at 2000 rpm). It also meets current EMC standards and will meet EN 55011 with the addition of an interference
  • Stepping Motors
    are available -- 1.8 to 80 , for example -- without logic manipulation. Stepping motors have inherent low velocity without gear reduction. A typical unit driven at 500 pps turns at 150 rpm. The rotor inertia is usually low. Multiple stepping motors driven from the same source maintain perfect
  • Choose wisely
    different motors, simplifying assembly and augmenting motor quality. A commutating encoder provides output signals with resolutions from 1,000 to 5,000 lines/rev. The outputs for the Danaher AKM series can sink or source 40 mA max with a frequency response of 300 kHz at a maximum speed of 12,000 rpm

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