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  • Smart Computing Article - Mainframe To Mainstream
    December 1998 Vol.2 Issue 4 Add To My Personal Library Computers Make Their Way Into Daily Life Probably no other advancement since the telephone has changed the way humanity works quite as much as the computer. Today, powerful computers no larger than a briefcase sit on desks around the world
  • Computer Power User Article - Q&A With Ted Hoff
    primarily to be a memory company--to offer a computer product would be seen as competing with our major mainframe memory customers. In the competitive world of semiconductors that could be a negative for the marketing of our main product, the memory chips. CPU: Have you heard everyone else s stories
  • AdvancedTCA: A New Spin on Supercomputing
    The days of monolithic type mainframe computer installations are over and massive parallel clustering of individual servers has become the trend in creating supercomputers. This clustering trend has relegated computer systems like the proprietary monolithic installations to slightly more than
  • Smart Computing Article - Hosiden to Hz
    Host Integration Server is a product that helps turn a computer server into a host. While the term host has several different definitions, in the widest sense it is a piece of computing equipment that serves other equipment. A mainframe host, for instance, is a large mainframe computer that serves
  • Smart Computing Article - EMM to End-User License Agreement (EULA)
    hardware like printers and modems. Terminal emulation programs make a computer act as a terminal on a mainframe computer. This lets users access mainframes and bulletin board services from other types of computers, including PCs. The VT100, a video terminal popular in the 1980s, is an example of a type
  • Computer Power User Article - Open Sauce
    that makes proprietary LANs look sick. The concept of sharing computing resources among many users is almost as old as the mainframe: Sub-divide resources to share among individual users without having their programs interfere with each other. If one program eats memory, you don t want it eating
  • Smart Computing Article - HyperTerminal
    a computer terminal. They let you connect to mainframe computers or other PCs (hosts) running programs that expect a particular type of terminal at the other end of a modem connection. Another common use for a terminal emulator is to access an Internet or intranet server via (a program that lets
  • Smart Computing Article - Phoning Home
    on the road. The need to connect one computer to another has been around almost as long as computers. Before the advent of the personal computer, companies maintained large mainframes that connected to various terminals throughout the office. Employees used a terminal to work with the mainframe. The PC

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  • IntelliBau 2
    But there are the possibility, the data of products to convey to the respective work station to the central computer additionally also.
  • Hierarchically built-up computer systems for the analytics
    The data on one gr6f3eren of central computers become Fiir the Ausfiihrung of the more complex tasks of the data evaluation and archiving tibertragen.
  • Data acquisition and data handling in the quality control of a ferrous hut laboratory
    They had to have an own computer zweckm/il3igerweise that are connected in turn satellite computer ats to a central computer unit.
  • Economy and operation
    The system concept shown in image 1 arose from this demand catalog that ~blgende Systemkornponenten enth ~ ilt: ProzeBsteuereinheit, Datenerfassungs- and conversion module as well as a central computer with screen and printer.
  • Wind power plants
    So, the actual control of the sheet adjusting drive according to the desired values of the central computer of the wind power plant and the actual values of the measured value sensors for the rotor blade adjusting angle takes place.
  • Formulas and tables of electrical engineering
    Central computer (server) and individual computer advantages .
  • IT for managers
    The configuration elements can be PCs, notebooks or mobile devices but also central computer in form of servers or mainframes as well as components of which and software.
  • Autonomous running
    The first developed decentralized computing system composes of 6 Mikrocontrollern Infineon C167CS and a central computer Pentium III PC.