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  • Spacesuits get slim
    traditional models. Instead of using gas pressurization to protect astronauts from the vacuum of space, the new suit relies on mechanical counter-pressure, involving tight layers of material wrapped around the body. The challenge is making the suit skintight but also able to stretch with the body
  • Noise Suppression of Differential Signals
    An encoder is an electro-mechanical transducer that converts mechanical rotary motion into digital. signals for the control of machinery. The encoder produces a square wave signal as the shaft rotates. Speed, position, servo feedback, etc., can be determined through proper processing of this signal
  • Smart Computing Article - Mice, Trackballs & Trackpads
    October 2005 Vol.9 Issue 6 Page(s) 63 in print issue Add To My Personal Library Problem: My mouse is dirty and unresponsive. As you move around your mechanical mouse (we ll discuss optical mice in a moment), the ball it contains on its underside constantly picks up dust, dirt, hair, lint
  • My-Com and IRPM - The Nut Has Now Been Cracked
    is very limited, if one clear digital switch-signal suffices to solve the problem at hand and if a few grams can be utilized for the process, the extremely compact, tactile measuring sensor My-Com will be selected. An additional advantage of the My-Com: The counter-piece may also be non-metallic
  • Motion control and Optical encoders
    each of the two light beams and convert them into two squarewave signals. they get fed to a controller such as a PLC or counter that monitors the number of pulses generated to provide end users with speed, position, distance, or directional data. The BPSV/BPMV Series optical encoders from Baumer
  • Space-Saving Machine Counts, Fills and Caps
    in between, Diangelis explains. "The RTC80 takes all those pieces of equipment and puts them in one machine. " With a capacity of up to 60 100-count bottles per minute, the unit achieves speeds previously only achieved with mechanical slat counters with the flexibility and control of an electronic system
  • How to become a servocontrol expert
    a separate page which provides an overview of the action, directions for implementing the solution, and the pros and cons of the particular action. For this example, in order to eliminate high-frequency noise, the system recommends the use of a low-pass filter. Electrical and mechanical servo-control
  • MICRO: Archive: Back Issue TOC
    , integrated metrology tool, cleanroom-compatible filters, liquid optical particle counter, storage system/stocker, extractive gas monitor, ESD monitoring system, machine control system, mechanical vacuum pump, field emission SEMs, continuous gas-emission monitor Vendor releases new version of wafer-mapping
  • Case Study: Algonquin College, Ottawa, Canada
    of construction. Goal. To create a high density , easily accessible storage solution for a very busy dealership with a large and high volume inventory. Rousseau Solution. Drawers in Shelving, Spider (R) Shelving, Counter Cabinets, Specialized Racks. Rallye BMW is both a high quality and high volume

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