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  • Rolling out complex metal parts
    Revolution. Cold rolling compresses and spreads metal bar or coil stock between a series of preshaped rollers. This improves the metal's mechanical properties. Of the two processes, cold rolling imparts better surface finishes and is more suited for simpler profiles with less-demanding tolerances
  • A Space Age FDA/USDA Compliant Metal Coating Extends Release Properties Of Multi-Metal Chocolate Extruders From 40 Hours To More Than Two Years
    , and what you discover is an extrusion unit composed of multiple metals - steel, aluminum and brass - that forms and sizes th chocolates. The extruder has two rollers - one running clockwise, and the other counter-clockwise. The confection is extruded through dies and is sliced at pre-determined lengths
  • Medical Device Link .
    Extrusion Changes to Meet New Challenges Tube makers report on developments in materials, processes, and the extrusion business. Like the tubing used to make medical devices, extrusion change comes in many forms. In the last year, extrusion materials, manufacturing processes, and services have all
  • Continuous-fiber Extrusions Make Strong Thermoplastics
    that combine the cost advantages of extrusions with the high-strength, lightweight capabilities of composites. CFTs are viable alternatives to conventional metal extrusions and highly filled extruded plastics that have mechanical performance limitations. The key feature, as the name implies, is that this new
  • Banging out tiny parts
    Cold forming makes short work of high-precision, metal components. Cold forming can make tiny, complex precision parts in one machining step. Tolerances of 0.0005 in. are possible. Two tiny parts sit atop the die used to make them. The die knockout pins are 0.015-in. diameter. The quest for ever
  • Cold-Forming Versus Machining
    is pushed into a die and a protruding end is upset in an outward direction; this is called heading. Forming of metal on the same axis usually involves changing a diameter from the original wire size as an extrusion. Now, movements of material are basically achieved the same way; however, advanced
  • Superstrong parts
    the ability to produce superior quality metal parts in a wide array of sizes, shapes, materials, and finishes. Several well-known forging processes include impression or closed die, cold forging, and extrusion. There are also open-die and seamless-rolled-ring forging processes, each offering their own
  • Medical Device Link .
    An extrusion system can produce tubing that varies seamlessly from 100% polymer A to 100% polymer B along the length of the tube. This feature of the Alternate Polymer Tubetrol system eliminates secondary operations traditionally required to join tubes of different durometers or polymers

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