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  • Matching MOSFET Drivers to MOSFETs
    There are many MOSFET technologies and silicon processes in existence today, with new advances being made every day. To make a generalized statement about matching a MOSFET driver to a MOSFET based on voltage/current ratings or die sizes is very difficult, if not impossible. As with any design
  • Understanding MOSFET characteristics
    The Gate terminal in a MOSFET is isolated from the other terminals by an oxide film, resulting in the formation of PN junctions (diode) between the Gate, Drain and Source. Cgs and Cgd are the capacitances of the oxide layers, while Cds is determined by the junction capacitance of the internal diode.
  • Mosfet Modeling for Circuit Analysis and Design
    Mosfet Modeling for Circuit Analysis and Design. Addressed to circuit designers with an in-depth treatment that appeals to device specialists, this book presents a fresh view of compact modeling, having completely abandoned the regional modeling approach.
  • CoolSiC TM MOSFET in Drives Applications
    Even at reduced dv/dt of max. 5kV/µs the CoolSiC TM MOSFET features significantly lower losses than conventional IGBTs with the same current rating
  • Mosfet Modeling For VLSI Simulation: Theory And Practice
    Mosfet Modeling For VLSI Simulation: Theory And Practice. Dealing with the MOS Field Effect Transistor (MOSFET) models that are derived from basic semiconductor theory, this text demonstrates models that take into account new physical effects observed in submicron devices used in MOS VLSI
  • Determining MOSFET Driver Needs for Motor Drive Applications
    Electronic motor control for various types of motors represents one of the main applications for MOSFET drivers today. This application note discusses some of the fundamental concepts needed to obtain the proper MOSFET driver for your application. The bridging element between the motor and MOSFET
  • Application Note: Superjunction MOSFET for Charger Applications
    This application note describes the fundamental differences between a Superjunction MOSFET and a standard MOSFET. Additionally, all features and benefits impacting the target applications will be described. Furthermore, these features will be illustrated from both a theoretical point of view
  • Universal Power MOSFET Interface IC (TC4420/9)
    The TC4420/4429 are 6A high-speed MOSFET drivers available in an 8-pin SOIC package, 8-pin CerDIP and PDIP packages, and a 5-pin TO-220 package. These parts have additional improvements over the TC429 driver. Added features are 4kV of ESD protection, latch-up protection of >1.5A of reverse output

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