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    models and strategies are required, in addition to advanced processes and reliable metrology tools. The standard STI etch process involves etching the bottom antireflective coating (BARC), the nitride, the underlying pad oxide, and a shallow trench into the silicon substrate. At the 130-nm
  • Hybrid Ball Bearings
    , alternative ball options become a necessity. The most widely available options for ball bearings are TiC and ceramic balls. TiC balls are 440C stainless steel balls with a titanium carbide coating while ceramic balls consist of silicon nitride, Si3N4, a â polycrystalline material with an amorphous (glassy
  • MICRO:Rosenberg (March 2001)
    Tests on PVD chambers show that an aluminum twin-wire-arc spray coating effectively reduces the flaking of refractory metals from chamber shields and helps control particle generation. Escalating demands for product,together with highly conservative capital expenditures in recent years, have placed
  • Nanosized resonators show commercial promise
    of 4.5 MHz and a Q of 207,000. Besides having a high quality factor, the stressed silicon-nitride nanostrings are mechanically robust, making them practical for consumer devices. The group has used the nanostrings to detect masses as small as a single bacterium or virus. Coating the device
  • Tough Coatings
    they can drastically improve performance, boost reliability, and extend service lives of tool and machine components. In addition to conventional PVD hard coatings such as TiN (titanium nitride), so called "tribological coatings " with optimized frictional properties have been developed in recent

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