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  • Power MOSFET-Image
    Power MOSFET - (169 companies)
    ...and drain terminals are on opposite sides of the device, with the gate situated on the n-doped channel. "Diffusion" refers to the device's manufacturing process: the p-type and n-type wells that sit on the n-type substrate are created using...
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    Operating Mode
  • RF MOSFET Transistors-Image
    RF MOSFET Transistors - (47 companies)
    There are two basic types of MOSFET RF transistors: N-channel and P-channel. N-channel devices conduct through electrons. P-channel devices conduct through "holes ". With both types of devices, the polarity of the electric field that controls the current...
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  • Metal-Oxide Semiconductor FET (MOSFET)-Image
    Metal-Oxide Semiconductor FET (MOSFET) - (199 companies)
    ...of charge carriers. The term "hole" is used to describe the theoretical lack of an electron where one could exist in an atomic structure. Both MOSFET types described below can be of p- or n-type (also known as p-channel and n-channel), but n-channel devices...
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  • Diodes-Image
    Diodes - (745 companies) joining together two semiconductor materials: an N-type material (rich in negative carriers or free electrons) and a P-type material (rich in positive carriers or holes). The area of contact is called the junction. For this reason the diode is commonly...
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  • Fiber Channel Connectors-Image
    Fiber Channel Connectors - (28 companies)
    Fiber Channel connectors are high-speed connectors used in Fiber Channel systems. Fiber channel connectors are high-speed devices used in fiber channel systems. They are designed for telecommunications, video, networking, and storage area network...
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    Fibre Channel Products - (46 companies)
    Fibre Channel products include hubs, directors, servers, adapters, etc. Fibre channel products include hubs, directors, servers, and adapters that use fibre channel technology, a high-speed, serial data transfer architecture that uses links...
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    Open Channel Flow Meters - (61 companies)
    Open channel flow meters measure fluid flow through open channels. Open channel flow measurement is difficult because of non-uniform channel dimensions and variations in velocities across the channel. Some open channel flow sensors measure...
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    Optical Channel Monitors - (9 companies)
    Optical channel monitors (OCMs) are used to measure channel power, wavelength, and optical signal-to-noise ratio (OSNR) for each channel in DWDM networks. They are also sometimes referred to as optical performance monitors (OPMs). Optical channel...
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    Channel Service Units (CSU) and Data Service Units (DSU) - (42 companies)
    Channel service units (CSU) and data service units (DSU) are digital interface devices that connect end user data communications equipment to digital access lines. They also provide framing of sub-64 kbps customer access channels onto higher rate...
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    Junction Field-Effect Transistors (JFET) - (68 companies)
    Junction field-effect transistors (JFET) consist of a semiconductor channel in which the width and the conductivity of the channel is controlled by the space-charge region associated with the p-n region. Junction field effect transistors (JFET...
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  • Disruptive Logic Architectures and Technologies
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  • A two-dimensional analytical-model-based comparative threshold performance analysis of SOI-SON MOSFETs
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  • Self-cascode SOI versus graded-channel SOI MOS transistors
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  • Development of a CMOS cell library for RF wireless and telecommunications applications
    … assistance to the RF design community, the CIF layout files, test data and tutorials are available from … All the cells being investigated were fabricated using 2.0, 1.2 and 0.8 micron (µm) silicon CMOS n-well processes using both n- channel and p -channel enhancement MOSFETs using MOSIS.
  • Device design methodology and reliability strategy for deep sub-micron technology [DRAMs]
    TUTORIALS The effect of increasing the MOSFET well doping to compensate for short channel behavior is illustrated in figure 3. The measuredemission probability ( P =I&) is shown to increase by two orders of magnitude for the HD …
  • Hot carrier degradation and ESD in submicrometer CMOS technologies: how do they interact?
    IRPS Tutorial . … G. Van den Bosch, and H. E. Maes, “Hot carrier degradation in submicrometre MOSFET ’s: From uniform … [8] P . Heremans, R. Bellens, G. Groeseneken, and H. E. Maes, “Consis- tent model for the hot carrier degradation in n- channel and p-channel MOSFET’s,” IEEE Trans.
  • The Universality of NBTI Relaxation and its Implications for Modeling and Characterization
    [34] C. Schlunder, W. Heinrigs, W. Gustin, and H. Reisinger, "On the Impact of NBTI Recovery Phenomena on Lifetime Prediction of modern p - MOSFETs ," in IIRW Final Rep., 2006, pp. 1-4. … M.A. Alam, "NBTI A Simple View of a Complex Phenomena," in Proc. IRPS, 2006, ( Tutorial ). … Parthasarathy, N. Revil, and E. Vincent, "Modeling Negative Bias Temperature Instabilities in Hole Channel Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor …