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  • Motorization Introduction
    Featured throughout this catalog are motion and manipulation instruments which are suitable for motorization. Motorization options for specific instruments are listed on the page in which they appear. Specifications for each motor option are identified with a single letter code ("A" through "F
  • Advanced Energy
    using the specification have the capability to meet it. The 60 page (including forms and appendices) specification includes just about every motor repair detail imaginable for repairing AC, DC, and wound rotor motors.
  • Smart Computing Article - The Eminent Inkjet
    . When the controller sends the signal to the motor that advances the rollers, it pulls the paper forward so the printer can begin working on the next line of data. At the end of the bitmap, the printer's driver includes a signal to eject the paper. If there is still another page to print, the printer
  • Basics of Configuring Drives
    The key to many motion applications is in sizing the drive components lying between the motor and load. Here are the basics. * The overall design determines basic drive mechanisms. * Motor-gearing combinations typically determine gear reduction ratios and other key parameters. Wikipedia page
  • Heading Off a Kilowatt Crunch
    options, .... " Included in the 310 pages of legislation is one important page on Electric Motor Efficiency Standards that, for the first time, will impact how machine designers select motors. The old minimum energy-efficiency standards mainly applied to three-phase general-purpose induction motors
  • ABT Online :: Advanced Battery Technology ::
    Spacepac Industries in Australia is offering a zero-emission EV for various transportation applications. The Electruck ET-150-72 (see page 1) and ET-150-48 are designed to provide an electric alternative to full-sized utility pickup trucks. Powered by an electric drive train, the vehicles can reach
  • Computer Power User Article - A/C For Your HDD
    2005 CPU Special Issue Page(s) 132-135 in print issue Add To My Personal Library Hard Drive Coolers, Head To Head You re covered. Or so you think. You ve worked out the cooling for your computer s processor and video card and you re pretty confident that the case fans you ve picked out

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