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  • Digitally Addressable DALI Dimming Ballast App.
    . The design also includes a PIC16F628 microcontroller and an isolation circuit for connecting to a Digitally Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI). Other features include EMI filtering, transient protection and lamp FAULT protection.

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  • Digital / Logic Electronic Circuits
    The design also includes a PIC16F628 microcontroller and an isolation circuit for connecting to a Digitally Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI). Digital Engine/Race Computer Board:  The objective of this project is to design a high speed digital …
  • Implementing a three-level inverter with microcontroller
    The circuitsused for this project are divided in two blocks. The first block generates the gate signals of the switchesfor the second block. the power circuit . - PIC16F628 ; .
  • CiteSeerX — Evolutionary bits’n’spikes
    In another line of work, Lewis et al. (2000) developed an analog VLSI circuit with four spiking … … various research (Caprari, Arras, & Siegwart 2001; =-=Siegwart et al. 1998-=-) and educational projects (Caprari, Arras, & … The microcontroller PIC16F628 from Microchip is the central part of the electronics and control of the robot.
  • Dynamic current activity measurement for integrated circuit emission model
    Project Numbers: 12813 and 13326. Integrated circuit emission model (ICEM) [1- 9] and Linear equivalent circuit and current source (LECCS) model [1 … In our previous study [2], a test circuit containing PIC16F628 was designed and measurements were made to …
  • SMS controlled digital display system
    … preferred format by a serial connection between the mobile station and the microcontroller ( PIC16F628 ) .7432 an OR … … function is to control inputs to the rows and columns of the display circuit by sending appropriate … The receiver GSM employed for the purpose of this project is the Sagem MY- X5-2.
  • Development of a robotic arm for dangerous object disposal
    … assembles (or compile) and download to PIC micro emulator and simulator tools (automatically updates all project information). … remote control unit, the R-F transmitter of 315 MHz transmitt signals to the main circuit board. The programmed addresses/data bits from the PIC16F628 are transmitted with R-F transmission.
  • A modular NIM electronics for Pulse Shape method with the large area n-planar silicon detectors of the 4¿ CHIMERA
    … energy, mass, and charge currently obtained with existing detector systems in view of new future projects [1]. settable value) will be adopted, essentially based on an the already designed circuit of ref. The mi- crocontroller type PIC16F628 , the I/0 connectors, the power and filter circuits are located on the …
  • Networked Digital Technologies
    … that is available under a cost of $1.29, or the 20-pin PIC16F628 that costs about … The deployment of such system has also a cost that depends on the scale of the project . In: Electrofriends Microcontroller Projects, Circuit Diagrams (2011), .
  • Function Generator Electronic Circuits
    The controller chip is a Microchip PIC16F628 . 68HC11 Instruction Halts External RC Clock -  04/27/95 EDN-Design Ideas Using the circuit in Fig 1 … This project makesa useful addition to any hobbyists workbench as well.
  • Networked Digital Technologies
    The hardware of the slave part (the robot arm) is composed from: a microcontroller from Microchip PIC16F628 , a radio frequency wireless module and the power circuits . There have been many research projects dealing with robot control, among these projects, there are some projects …