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  • Custom bolt tensioners take the stress off users
    Just about all industries and equipment use bolted joints. But some applications are less forgiving of possible bolt failure than others. Examples of critical bolted joints are found in the Space Shuttle, bridge supports, oil pipe-lines, and nuclear power The good news is, properly tightened
  • Construction equipment and fluid power take center stage
    300 exhibitors, making it the largest event in North America for the motion-control industry. It is intended for professionals involved in all segments of the power transmission and control industries, including construction equipment, on and off-highway vehicles, mining and logging machinery
  • Basics of Design Engineering: Hydraulics New Sealing Systems Take the Heat
    fluid-power engineers design more robust cylinders with longer life and lower warranty costs. The good news is the next generation of mobile equipment should run cleaner, and probably use less fuel than today 's machines. The bad news is that design changes will, in turn, demand performance that exceeds
  • Green Technology: How to power an energy-efficient light
    if it weren't for electronics able to economically drive these bulbs. And there are still lessons being learned about how to get the cost out of illumination systems. Take fluorescent lighting, for example. The old-time ballasts powering fluorescent tubes were little more than transformers that energized
  • Computer Power User Article - A Bluetooth Bonanza
    Blue HS-700 Headset; $169; Anycom; Even if you don't own one, you know about hands-free car kits. An incoming call hits your cell phone, and you use an external microphone and speakers, eliminating discomfort from a headset or any reason to take your eyes off the road. Anycom does an admirable job
  • Computer Power User Article - Multiply & Conquer
    CPU cores onto a single die, which not only improves performance but also reduces power consumption and heat. Intel s Pentium D and Core 2 processor lines kicked off this trend with a bang, and AMD followed suit, keeping pace with its X2 and dual-core FX processors. Now, Intel s poised to unleash
  • Sustainability, green Operations a Theme in Earthmover, Fluid-Power confabs
    . Many of the green-themed presentations take place in a new Innovation and Solutions Center that is part of the IFPE show. Here you can get the lowdown on design applications and research at the Center for Compact and Efficient Fluid Power. Among the green topics there are hydraulic hybrids
  • Airbus builds a Military Airlifter
    A new, multirole transporter will replace aging heavylift aircraft in military fleets. The A400 military transport plane from Airbus will have four 11,000-shp turboprops, giving it enough power to take off from short, rough landing fields (under 3,000 ft), and still carry a 20-ton payload
  • Computer Power User Article - Back On The Scene
    has turned, and ATI s Radeon X1000 cards and Xbox 360 graphics chip are getting the headlines while Nvidia advances to the next process. In 2005, ATI s desktop architecture slipped off schedule, letting Nvidia win score after score with the worthy 7800 GTX. For the holidays, though, the PlayStation
  • Computer Power User Article - Q&A With Jerry Bautista
    of your areas? Yes, we ve got a number of graphics researchers. Jim Hurley is in our lab. They re looking at things such as physics and artificial intelligence for gaming. CPU: Jim, how could graphics move to the CPU? We think that ray tracing is going to take off. This is a technique where you
  • Computer Power User Article - Remote PC Access Services
    is now the Kleenex or Xerox of remote access programs. Even though GoToMyPC is the most expensive program in this roundup, it s unquestionably the most feature-filled and the fastest (tied with LogMeIn for speed). GoToMyPC starts off on the right foot with a straightforward installation routine
  • Computer Power User Article - CrossFire Motherboards & Graphics Cards
    partners responded by holding off on CrossFire. It s been a long road for ATI, but it finally has a beefy chipset and compelling graphics lineup worth talking about. Availability of CrossFire-compatible hardware is much improved, too. So, it s time to give CrossFire a fair billing. It really did
  • Around the Industry - January 2003 FCT -
    A R O U N D T H E I N D U S T R Y Japan s Commercial Demand About to Take Off Experts predict that the demand for fuel cells could begin to take off this year, and use could become wide-spread within eight years, reports The Nikkei Weekly. Automakers, energy companies, and consumer electronics

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