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  • 15-Kilogram Scale Using the TC520 (TC500/A, TC520)
    A 15kg weighing scale was designed using Microchip's TC500A Analog Processor and the TC520 16-bit Controller. The scale is required to resolve down to 1/8 gram and correct to within 61/2 gram. This project takes into account all aspects of a functional scale: Dynamic Range, Strain Gauge
  • | Electronics Industry News for EEs & Engineering Managers
    , " Federal Communications Commission Chairman William Kennard Friday (Jan. 7) directed cable and consumer electronics industries to sort out compatibility specifications for a cable-ready digital TV by April or the FCC may issue its own ruling to resolve the matter. Purchase gives Nortel DSL links
  • One scope, many faces
    display. This lets the developer view both analog and digital signals on the same screen and time axis. An MSO makes it possible to simultaneously detect signals with enough time resolution to resolve analog signals
  • A New Sensor ASIC for Changing Magnetic Fields
    Compasses are now being incorporated into a variety of products-zipper pulls, watches, and the digital navigation systems of luxury vehicles. The latter application in particular presents unusual design challenges. Because the compass must operate accurately in the presence of dynamic magnetic
  • Coating helps P/M tooling beat the heat
    The highly magnified digital images of a polished tool surface before and after MLP treatment show CPM 3V tool steel polished to a finish of 8 RMS. The light colored regions in the photo at right are the chrome bonded to the surface. The blue-green flecks are the MLP polymer imbedded in the pores
  • Avoiding meltdown
    in mobile devices reduce internal airflow and lower the maximum allowed external temperature. Thermal simulation helps identify and resolve cooling problems in leading-edge mobile designs. For example, some of the latest mobile phones feature a 3.2-megapixel camera, video recording and playback, a digital
  • Medical Device Link .
    for the design process. Solid-modeling software is ideal for this. The technology allows the designer to manipulate the model, investigate for design issues, and resolve them in the virtual environment prior to committing the design to manufacturing. This 3-D review makes for a better design, and can

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