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  • Electric Spring Return Actuators Meet Fire Standards for Tunnels
    In an emergency situation such a fire inside a tunnel, electric motor operated dampers in the ventilation system can act to clear smoke from the structure as well as to suppress spreading of the fire.
  • Proportional Solenoids: Technical Overview
    Proportional Solenoids are linear actuators with a force proportional to the current in a limited range. With the addition of a return spring in your application you can make the proportional solenoid into a positioning device, where the position is depending on the input current to the coil
  • Bellows smooth valve moves
    electrodeposited nickel bellows connected by a common orifice. With the turbine shut down, the valve-poppet return spring forces damping oil into the first bellows. On start-up, gas pressure on a diaphragm compresses the first bellows and displaces oil into the second. As the turbine runs, oil constantly
  • Permanent Set
    Simply put, permanent set in a compression spring is a condition where the spring is deflected (compressed) and does not return to its original free length. This occurs when the material is deflected beyond its elastic properties. The amount of material in the spring is insufficient to carry
  • Slotted Pin Inflexibility Leads to Failure
    A "Spring Pin" is appropriately named by its ability to flex into a hole that is smaller than the pin's original (pre-installed) outside diameter. A Spring Pin's tendency to return to its original shape after installation makes the pin self retaining. Retention is established by friction between
  • Characterizing a rapid thermal annealing process to improve sensor yield
    between the plates. Frequently, the movement of the sensing elements is modeled as a spring and dashpot mechanism: that is, there is a resistance to displacement from an applied force (spring) and a resistance to the return from that displacement (dashpot). The primary parameter for the resistance
  • Voice Coil Motors
    in a solenoid device makes these difficult to control. The voice coil motor can develop force in either direction by reversing polarity of the excitation. In a solenoid, a spring is typically required to produce force in the return direction, this spring force subtracts from the magnetic force
  • Instrument and control
    action and are self-aligning on assembly. Thus as the front knob turns the roller contacts move radially, held in and guided by an insulated slot in the rotor arm. These switches come as both maintained and spring-return types. Maintained switches employ a starwheel mechanism to hold the switch

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