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  • RF Power: GaN Moves In for the Kill
    papers, analyst reports, and corporate brochures. After all, GaN has at least ten times the power density per millimeter of transistor gate periphery, higher operating voltages (reducing impedance transformation issues), higher efficiency, and the ability to combine high RF power output over broad
  • Modeling of SOI FET for RF Switch Applications
    This paper presents the modeling of an SOI. FET for RF switch applications. Given that the HF smallsignal. predictability, i.e. the insertion loss and the isolation, is. a common state of the art, the study focuses on the modeling. of the non-linearity of the FET. The non-linearity of an SOI. FET
  • Solid State RF/Microwave Switch Technology: Part 2
    In part 1 we discussed an. overview of RF/microwave. switch topologies, PIN. diode theory of operation, and. some simple PIN diode switch. implementations. In part 2 we. will discuss more complex PIN. diode switches, the theory of. operation of RF/microwave field. effect transistors (FETs
  • Evaluating pHEMT Process Improvements Using Wafer Level RF Tests
    To increase production capacity, improve the. performance of existing processes, and to introduce new,. more advanced process technologies, processes must be. evaluated using electrical tests. PCM's are used to. evaluate the active transistor and passive device. characteristics produced
  • AN215A: RF Small Signal Design Using Two Port Controllers, Courtesy of Motorla
    Design of the solid-state, small-signal RF amplifier using two-port parameters is a systematic, mathematical procedure, with an exact solution (free from approximation) available for the complete design problem. The only sources of error in the final design are parameter variations resulting from
  • ESD Considerations for SOI Switch Design
    This paper proposes a solution that employs transistor self-conduction and circuit design techniques to improve ESD performance for SOI RF switch applications. The primary limitations and challenges in the ESD design for SOI technology are discussed. The solution enables the switch to pass 8kV IEC
  • HBT Epitaxial Material Matching and Qualification for High Volume Production
    discrepancies in transistor characteristics and RF. module performance. Multiple iterations of lengthy epi. matching as well as RF module level characterization may be. required to resolve the differences. To overcome these. limitations, we developed an epi matching procedure which. greatly shortened
  • Automatic Hardware Reconfiguration for Current Reduction at Low Power in RFIC PAs
    This paper presents a novel hardware reconfiguration. technique implemented in a dual integrated-circuit (IC) GaAs. HBT power amplifier (PA) design and demonstrates reduced current. and improved efficiency at low power. The method automatically. reconfigures the hardware of an RF IC PA over a given

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