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  • Computer-Aided Design (CAD) Services-Image
    Computer-Aided Design (CAD) Services - (1453 companies)
    Computer-aided design (CAD) services assist in the computerized design, three-dimensional (3D) modeling, and printing and drafting of engineering components and assemblies. Computer-aided (CAD) services include specialized programs that help...
    Fountains - (63 companies)
    Fountains deliver drinking water or provide aeration and circulation in lakes, ponds, and other waterways. They may also be used for decorative or aesthetic purposes. There are three basic types of fountains. Rising jets spray water straight up...
  • Filling Machines-Image
    Filling Machines - (578 companies)
    Filling machines and packing machines fill containers such as bags, bottles, and cans with a predetermined volume of product, such as food, cosmetics, or medicine. Filling machines and packer machines fill containers such as bags, bottles, and cans...
  • Packaging Containers-Image
    Packaging Containers - (1420 companies)
    ...of merchandising. Not only is there an existing inventory of packaging types, but distribution, handling, and retail practices are already established. For example, a new soft drink company is likely to retail their soda in beverage cans and bottles...
  • Water Disinfection Systems-Image
    Water Disinfection Systems - (169 companies)
    ...endoscopes as well as commercial facilities. Ultraviolet (UV) disinfectors are a relatively inexpensive way to disinfect drinking water. These systems incorporate a UV disinfector into a distribution system that enhances the microbiological purity...
    Laboratory Bottles - (140 companies)
    Image Credit: U.S. Plastic Corporation. Laboratory bottles are chemically-resistant containers used for holding and dispensing fluids. They are used in chemical storage, labware cleaning, and other laboratory applications. Types of Laboratory...
    Fluid Dispensing Equipment - (927 companies) a microprocessor and/or robotic machine. Specifications. Fluid dispensing equipment can be configured in a dispense-only, mix and dispense, meter, mix and dispense, or hot melt dispense applications. A dispense only unit is designed to dispense only. It does...
    Filtration Equipment - (1202 companies)
    ...conventional clarifiers, sludge-basket clarifiers, suction clarifiers, and reverse osmosis (RO) clarifiers. The primary end product of clarifiers is a clarified liquid. They are virtually identical in design to thickeners, but have a lighter duty drive...
    Packaging Machines - (2314 companies)
    ...include: aerosol containers, bags and pouches, blister packs, bottles and jars, cartons and boxes, cans, capsules, cartridges, cases, cups and trays, drums, kegs and pails, pallets and intermediate bulk containers (IBC), tubes, and vials. Closing...
    Packaging Equipment Design and Fabrication - (187 companies)
    Packaging equipment design and packaging equipment fabrication services specialize in the design and fabrication of packaging equipment and packaging products. Packaging equipment design and fabrication services are typically part of a new product...

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