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  • Motor Starters
    . In addition to load demands, power company regulations may limit the current surge or voltage fluctuation that can be imposed on the power supply during motor starting. Many starters apply reduced voltage to motor windings; primary resistor, primary reactor, autotransformer, and solid state. Part
  • Introduction
    " and "application, " or "Kalman filter " and "application. ". State estimation is interesting to engineers for at least two reasons: Often, an engineer needs to estimate the system states in order to implement a state-feedback controller. For example, the electrical engineer needs to estimate the winding
  • Sensor reeling technology
    , there are several reeling processes throughout a production line and therefore, the paper loss per wound roll plays a major role in determining the over all efficiency or, so to say, the loss of profit. Not just the influence of the different winding parameters are discussed but also the impact
  • Feedback for servos
    . Here sensors are integrated into the end turns of the motor stator winding and are actuated by the rotor magnets. Most encoders (both absolute and incremental) use a light source which projects a beam through a narrow slit in a code wheel and through a precision aperture onto a light sensor. The wheel
  • U.S. Patents | October 2006 | A B T |
    7,083,877 (20060801), All solid state battery with coated substrate, Kazuya Iwamoto and Shuji Ito, Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. (JP). U.S. 7,083,878 (20060801), Nonaqueous electrolytic solution and lithium secondary battery, Minoru Kotato, Shinichi Kinoshita, and Kunihisa Shima, Mitsubishi

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