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  • Gear Tooth Form
    Gear tooth geometry is determined primarily by pitch, depth, and pressure angle. Standard pitches are usually whole numbers when measured as diametral pitch , the ratio of the number of teeth to the pitch diameter in inches. Coarse-pitch gearing has teeth larger than 20 diametral pitch -- usually
  • Medical EMC; 4th Edition
    to the proliferation of wireless communication devices operating within the local proximity of what may essentially be life critical equipment. These wireless devices may take the form of mobile phones, blue-tooth, WiFi, Tetra, RFID or paging system products.
  • Synchronous Belts
    Potential for slip in conventional belts prevents their use where input and output shafts must be synchronized. Synchronous belts, often referred to as timing belts, were developed to overcome this limitation. They have a toothed profile that mates with corresponding grooves in the pulleys, thereby
  • The "no-cog " motor
    effects. All motors exhibit some form of cogging, an effect created by nonuniform magnetic-field densities that surround the magnets within the motor and the motor's iron construction. Conventional slotted BLDC motors feature stators with slotted steel laminations that form a uniform stack with a series
  • Industrial encoder integrates bearing and sensor functions
    for automotive ABS applications, eliminates the need for an extra gear-tooth sensor or rotary-pulse generator. Simple bolt-on installation requires no extra brackets or couplings, and the air gap reportedly can't go out of adjustment. The sensors are built on Fafnir Survivor PT bearing platforms, which
  • Where die casting makes "cents "
    the alloy would consistently fill in the tooth forms. The resulting gear drive is cast ready to use and needs no finishing or deburring operations. The option to convert multiple components and operations into a single die-casting operation is a major reason designers consider this process. But, die

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