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  • T.V.S. Diode/S.A.D. (Silicon Avalanche Diode) Application Notes (.pdf)
    The Transient Voltage Suppressor diode (T.V.S.) is specifically designed to protect electronic circuits against transients and over voltages. It is a silicon avalanche device available in both uni-directional or bi-directional configurations. With a uni-directional, the specified clamping
  • About Diode Junctions Guides
    High-voltage rectification presents unique challenges to the designer. Careful. examination of the application requirements is essential when selecting the best. solution for size, cost and reliability. Diode parameters are interdependent and. the decision of whether to employ high or low voltage
  • Application Note: diode laser analyser LS4000 Ammonia slip measurement for DeNOx process
    During combustion - one of the most wide-spread. industrial process across all industry sectors - the. chemical energy present in fuels, such as coal,. natural gas or oil, is converted into heat by. oxidization.
  • Solid-state RF switches
    The simplest solid-state RF switch employs a PIN diode as a switching element. PIN diodes are named for a region of undoped intrinsic semiconductor lying between their p and n-type material. This area eliminates capacitance effects between the n and p-type areas that can otherwise lower device
  • New HF Converter for Induction Heating (.pdf)
    This paper presents a new HF-converter for induction heating. The converter has a diode rectifier and automatic matching. It uses a patented timesharing principle for high frequency use of IGBTs (ref. [1]) in order to reach 350 kHz. The paper focuses on the benefits the converter structure has
  • Rectifier Assemblies - Analysis and Design
    This. section is intended to provide the user with 1) general background information on certain diode. and rectifier assembly characteristics, and 2) basic guidance in identifying specific application. requirements necessary for the design of a custom rectifier assembly. At the end of this. section
  • System-Level ESD/EMI Protection Guide
    TI's System-Level ESD Protection Guide provides an overview of several types of our latest ESD protection devices for high-speed data rates and for diode array chips for ease of design. Application and end equipment devices are also listed.
  • Low Phase Noise VCO Design for PCS Handset Applications
    This application note describes the design and performance of a. VCO centered at 1750 MHz for a PCS handset that uses the. SMV1763-079 varactor diode. This low R varactor was designed. specifically for low phase noise applications. The VCO was. designed to satisfy the listed requirements for a PCS

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