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  • Handbook of Fillers, Extenders, and Diluents
    reinforcing agent, conductive: antistatic plastics Vulcan ® XC72 reinforcing agent, conductive: caulk AgClad™ Filament 32 .
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  • Industrial Chemical Thesaurus
    … fire-retardant and waterproof canvas material; EP lubricant in metalworking, lubricating oils, rubber, caulks , sealants, and detergents … … Lab. Prods.; VWR Int'l. http://; Vulcan Chems. http://www …
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  • ZTS48
    Allegheny-Ludlum Braeburp p$$p Disstoo Firtb Sterling LaUO L Simoods Universal-Cyclops Vanadium Alloys Vulcan -Crucible … tools, band and pneumatic tools, studs and ho10 for service at elevated temperatures, caulking and heading tools …
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  • Handbook of Textile Processing Chemicals
    Crosslink WA 405 [ Vulcan Perf. … Emollient, lubricant, plasticizer, dispersant for medicinals, pharmaceu- ticals, cosmetics, lacquers, adhesives, rubber, sealants, caulks , dyes and coatings …
  • Handbook of Green Chemicals
    Discozone WAG [ Vulcan Perf. … Polyamide CAS 25038-54-4 Uses: Thixotrope, antisagging agent, antisettling agent for solventless caulks , coatings and sealants …
  • Handbook of Adhesive Chemical and Compounding Ingredients
    … hydraulic fluids, fire retardants, wax extenders, dedusting agents, pesticide extenders, lubricants, cutting oils, sealants, and caulking compds. … Aldrich; Sigma; Solvay SA; Spectrum Quality Prods.; Synasia Fine Chem.; Thomas Scientific; VWR Int’l.; Vulcan Perf. Chems.
  • Chemical Tradename Dictionary
    … belt roven, hose, b1bes, soles, and heel: proCt:SSiJIg aiel, mocIitier for plastics, adhesives, caulks , seaJanu. SoIrIdn®. SolveDt IlL ( Vulcan Materials) Trichloroethane.

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