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  • Measuring and removing dissolved and colloidal silica in ultrapure water
    Johanes Wibowo and Farhang Shadman, Most semiconductors are made by chemically processing the surface of a single crystal of silicon. Between each manufacturing stage, chemicals used in the previous stage must be rinsed from the wafer surface with ultrapure (UP) water. As a silicon wafer
  • New Method for Water Vapor Permeability Testing of Medicine Package
    Abstract: this article briefs on testing principle of water vapor permeability testing of electrolytic analysis method and its application in the testing of medicine package materials. Moisture is the medium of chemical reaction. Absorption of moisture will result in changes of medicine
  • Rapid parts for the long haul
    parts. Water absorption of Prototherm 12120 parts after UV postcure or UV plus thermal postcure at room temperature for up to one year. Stereolithography (SL) remains one of the most widely used ways of rapidly prototyping complex parts. SL can build prototypes with high accuracy and a wider range
  • MICRO: The Hot Button
    Center, Freescale Semiconductor): Argon-fluoride (ArF) liquid immersion lithography (IML) has the potential to extend optical lithography to meet the needs of the 32-nm semiconductor device nodes and beyond. Water is the immersion fluid of primary interest because of its low intrinsic absorption at 193
  • Cold corrugation process
    shall review the subject in more detail In conventional hot-corrugation process uncooked starch is dispersed in semi cooked solvent with additives. At elevated temperatures, the starch granules swell by water absorption and gelatinisation occurs. This slurry gets
  • TPV avoids the voids
    liners and cupholder parts. The material also meets Ford's low-fogging and soft-touch specs. Its flow properties and low affinity for water absorption reportedly gives parts better-looking, more-consistent matte surfaces, and needs no premold drying. It easily colors, so there's no problem meeting Ford's
  • 3E Strategies - news
    these systems can replace traditional heat generating devices such as fossil-fuel-fired boilers, furnaces, or electric heaters. Geothermal water can also be used to provide chilled water with a machine known as an absorption chiller. Some cities and towns have installed large district heating systems
  • Spectrometer Introduction - Wide Range of Application References
    the spectrum of stars, planets and comets; automobile industry, measure on-line low concentration of water contamination in oil, measure coating on car glass windows; and biology, to measure chlorophyll concentration and UV absorption, measuring color change and sexual behavior of fish under

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