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August 17th, 2006 - Volume 1 Issue 5

In this issue...

Industry Trends & Events  Leading Edge Device Design...  MORE

Spotlight On  
  • Medical Grade Materials and Products; Medical Light Guides, Light Sources, and Headlamps; Electromechanical Linear Actuators; Hospital Grade Power Cords...  MORE
  • Assembly Solutions; Complimentary Design Tool...  MORE
  • Complimentary Assembly Reports; Close Tolerance, High Quality Components...  MORE

Packaging & Production  Top 10 Don't-Dos for Sterile Packaging; Gear Shrink for Medical Devices...  MORE

Computer Hardware & Software  Integrated Data Speeds Compliance; Brain-Computer Communication...  MORE

Medical Grade Materials & Products  The Skinny on Thin Materials; Nitinol Shapes Devices...   MORE

Electrical & Electronic Equipment  Medical Device Motors; Dual Axis Motion Control...  MORE

Careers  A Better Job Search by Design; Pharma Salary Survey; Principle Engineer Position...  MORE

Diversions  A Show of Brains; Art of Science...  MORE

Links of Interest  Complimentary Subscription...  MORE

Industry Trends & Events . . .
Leading Edge Device Design

Leading Edge Device Design Smart implants and materials, wireless systems, MRI compatibility, and nanotechnology are on the leading edge of medical device technology. Interviews with experts in the field bring you up to date on these important sectors. Medical Design Technology presents a variety of advances in intelligent drug delivery implants, new bioabsorbable polymer production schemes, and nanoparticle-based coatings for catheters, contact lenses, wound dressings, other equipment, and even flesh. Also discussed are piezoelectric materials that could be included in orthopedic implants to create electrical power as the patient walks. What are the implications of these innovations for medical device manufacture and performance?

Spotlight On . . .
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Lambda Americas, Inc., Low Power Division
Medical Grade Materials and Products

Medical Grade Materials and Products Need a multiple output medical power supply in 48 hours? Lambda has the answer with the popular NV series. A flexible product assembled in the U.S. for fast delivery. Lambda's medical power supplies range from 30W to 1000W and from 1 to 14 outputs: more details...

Fiberoptics Technology, Inc.
Medical Light Guides, Light Sources, and Headlamps

Medical Light Guides, Light Sources, and Headlamps FTI carefully manufactures over 500 different types of FDA approved single and bifurcated medical cables to precise specifications for fiber optic medical lighting. Our Xenon light sources offer cool, compact, rugged design, perfect for medical applications. And our new medical headlamps provide full features, priced for private practice.

Motion Systems Corporation
Electromechanical Linear Actuators

Electromechanical Linear Actuators Motion Systems Corporation manufactures the industry's largest selection of Electromechanical Linear Actuators. High efficiency Epicyclic (Planetary) Ball Screws provide integral freewheeling at stroke ends. Applications include medical equipment, dental chairs, handicap equipment, material handling equipment, valve operators, ergonomic systems, and many others. We provide custom products and full technical support for your applications.

Interpower Corporation
Hospital Grade Power Cords

Hospital Grade Power Cords Interpower hospital-grade power cords are designed for use in medical settings. A requirement with medical equipment used in patient vicinity in North America. They are terminated with five different angled IEC 60320 C13 connectors (left, right, up, down, straight) and plugs are in black, gray, or clear. FROM STOCK.

Packaging & Production . . .
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Top 10 Don't-Dos for Sterile Packaging

Top 10 Don't-Dos for Sterile Packaging Sterile barriers and primary packages are considered components or accessories to the medical devices they house. Recognizing increased regulatory scrutiny of standardized packaging, Medical Design lists 10 mistakes commonly made during packaging development and validation for terminally sterilized devices. Loss of sterile intensity from fractured thermoforms and cuts or tears in pouch packages is most common.

Gear Shrink for Medical Devices

Gear Shrink for Medical Devices An aging U.S. population increases the demand for medical devices. In turn this boosts demand for gear components to manufacture these devices. Gear shops are trying to accommodate the requirements of device fabricators through smaller, quieter gears. Gear Technology reports how companies are tailoring manufacturing capabilities to meet the specs of diagnostic imaging system and surgical pump suppliers.

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Integrated Data Speeds Compliance

Integrated Data Speeds Compliance Consider the data management and regulatory compliance requirements of Possis Medical, Inc., a Minneapolis, MN-based developer of cardiovascular and vascular treatment devices. ENOVIA MatrixOne provided a product lifecycle management solution that let Possis abandon its paper route in favor of the Medical Device Accelerator for quick online access to data and to streamline FDA compliance.

Brain-Computer Communication

Brain-Computer Communication A cost-effective brain-computer interface translates brain waves into computer control commands using passive sensors placed on the scalp. Amplifiers convert microvolt analog signals to digital for analysis by laptop PC-hosted signal processing software. Read how this promising laboratory innovation evolved into a comfortable device for daily use, posing a potential means of communication for paralyzed users.

Spotlight On . . .
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Corey Associates, Inc.
Assembly Solutions

Assembly Solutions The no maintenance way to have your cable, wire harness, micro-miniature and electromechanical assemblies on your dock when you need them. We do the work our competition doesn't want. Small to mid volume, high mix/low volume, too small to handle, strange and unusual. Medical, medical research, military, industrial, commercial.

Steinmeyer, Inc.
Steinmeyer Design Tool

Steinmeyer Design Tool Steinmeyer offers ball screws in hundreds of different shapes and sizes for medical device applications. It is often a difficult task to select the right product; you can now order a complimentary Steinmeyer Design Tool. Also please visit Steinmeyer at the upcoming MD&M in Minneapolis, MN. Booth 1650 October 25-26.

Medical Grade Materials & Products . . .
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The Skinny on Thin Materials

Novel coatings based on molecularly thin layers can release drugs or genes at predetermined rates and sequences. The multilayered material technology devised at MIT offers scope to enhance medical implant safety and to function as scaffolding in artificial tissue engineering. Technology Review describes how the electrostatic assembly process combines polymers and drugs.

Nitinol Shapes Devices

Nitinol Shapes Devices Nitinol is being incorporated into an increasing number of medical devices as physicians and engineers expand understanding of human physiology and properties of the shape memory metal. Fatigue, biocompatibility, and corrosion-resistant traits render it a prime material for stents placed in challenging fatigue environments. Learn more about the uses and characteristics of Nitinol in Medical Device Network.

Electrical & Electronic Equipment . . .
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Medical Device Motors

Medical Device Motors European Medical Device Manufacturer takes note of motors and precision motion control products for medical device manufacturing. Survey stainless steel motors from Baldor Electric Co., AR, and read specifications for sterilizable DC motors and gearheads supplied by maxon motor AG, Switzerland, for use in small-scale medical and dental devices. Information from three additional suppliers is found here.

Dual Axis Motion Control

Dual Axis Motion Control A dual axis stepper motor controller from Allmotion is designed for off-the-shelf use in miniature applications. High-resolution intelligent components offer dual axis positioning capability for coordinated motions in syringe and valve drives and other applications. If you need the speed of up to 20 million microsteps, read the article in Today's Medical Developments.

Spotlight On . . .
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DYMAX Corporation
Adhesive Supplier Offers Complimentary Assembly Reports

Adhesive Supplier Offers Complimentary Assembly Reports MD® adhesives are USP Class VI and ISO 10993 certified. DYMAX performs bonding studies for medical device manufacturers contemplating assembly with UV light curing adhesives. A summary report is returned to the manufacturer along with bonded components for final evaluation. Contact DYMAX Technical Service for complimentary adhesive samples, bonding analysis, and process design assistance.

Ken-Tron Mfg., Inc.
Close Tolerance, High Quality Components

Close Tolerance, High Quality Components Ken-Tron supplies metal stampings and custom drawn wire to medical device manufacturers for a wide range of applications. Ken-Tron's custom parts and wire are used in joint replacement components and wire, endoscopic surgery components, medical staple wire, and many other products. Quality in manufacturing is recognized by Ken-Tron's AS-9100 and ISO-9000 certifications.

Careers . . .
Engineering Jobs
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A Better Job Search by Design

Dice DiceEngineering.com offers thousands of quality engineering jobs at top technology and engineering companies. Find jobs in your area of expertise. Search now.

Pharma Salary Survey

Pharma Salary Survey Inadequate compensation is the greatest source of job dissatisfaction in the pharma/biopharma arena according to 12% of 487 respondents in Contract Pharma's annual salary survey. Salaries, bonuses, options, and benefits are tabulated by job category, geographic region, number of employees managed, education level, and gender. See how you fare in the occupational scheme of things.

Principle Engineer Position

Principle Engineer Position A medical device company is in need of a principle engineer with CAD skills, a B.S. in engineering, and 10 years of equivalent industry experience. Your ability to work independently, supervise others, and evaluate intangibles will help you advance in this position based in Washington. Independent judgment in methods and catheter experience are needed.

Diversions . . .
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A Show of Brains

A Show of Brains The world's largest collection of preserved, sectioned, and stained brains of mammals provides interesting food for thought. Peruse and download rotating brain views and movie atlases representing the gray matter of over 100 species. Reading about the evolution, development, circuitry, and functions of the brain will give you some mental exercise.

Art of Science

Art of Science The Princeton University Art of Science Competition celebrates the ways in which science and engineering intermingle. The 56 works included in the 2006 online gallery represent images, videos, and sounds generated in the course of research in engineering, mathematics, and the sciences. Mitosis, seahorse anatomy, organized dust as art? You be the critic.

Links of Interest . . .
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