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May 11th, 2006 - Volume 1 Issue 5

In this issue...

Industry Trends & Events  Fundamental Units Getting Redefined...  MORE

Spotlight On  
  • Miniature Teflon Instrumentation Valves and Pinch Valves; Precision Machining and Assembly...  MORE
  • RoHS Validator; Humidity and Temperature Calibrators...  MORE
  • Multimodal Multiplex Spectroscopy Technique; Elemental Analysis Solution...  MORE

Spectrometers  Compact Raman Instruments Emerge; Getting Clear on Raman Spectroscopy...  MORE

Chromatographs  Automate the Method Validation Process; Keep Tabs on Pharmaceutical Blends...  MORE

Metrology Instruments  Making Metrology Paperless; Metrology Links Point the Way...   MORE

Calibration Instruments  New NIST Calibration Handbook Available; Securing Purchase Approval for Calibration Instruments...  MORE

Careers  Check Your Salary Status; Metrology Job Opens in Colorado...  MORE

Diversions  Free Computational Software Proves Handy; Taking Measure of Murphy's Law...  MORE

Industry Trends & Events . . .
Fundamental Units Getting Redefined

When fundamental units such as the meter and the kilogram were first developed, the standards from which all calibrations flowed were "golden" physical objects in a vault somewhere. The meter was the distance marked on a metal bar, the kilogram the mass of a metal cylinder, and so on. Many of these units, such as the meter, have been redefined in terms of atomic constants, but not the kilogram, ampere, Kelvin, or mole. The Institute of Physics has recently published a paper proposing new approaches to setting these standards as part of a series of articles on the topic, available at no cost, through June 2006.

Spotlight On . . .
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Valcor Engineering Corp.
Miniature Teflon Instrumentation Valves and Pinch Valves

Miniature Teflon Instrumentation Valves and Pinch Valves "Good things come in small packages" Valcor's new Miniature Teflon Instrumentation Valves and Pinch Valves offer a compact package with the lowest power consumption in class. With quick response time, low internal volume, and wide pressure range, these valves fit most applications... and budgets.

Scientific Instrument Services, Inc.
Precision Machining and Assembly

Precision Machining and Assembly SIS specializes in CNC machining for the scientific and medical markets. Machining to the high standards of precision, fine finishes, and cleanliness of finished parts required for the vacuum or medical applications. Other services include passivation, electro-polishing, high purity cleaning, and parts assembly. We also specialize in mass spectrometer filaments.

Spectrometers . . .
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Compact Raman Instruments Emerge

Compact Raman Instruments Emerge While not yet the real-life version of a Star Trek™ Tricorder, the latest generation of Raman spectroscopy instruments are coming close. In this article from Spectroscopy magazine, details of a nifty handheld Raman instrument are revealed. It is battery powered and can survive a six ft. (1.83 m) drop, making the instrument suitable for field use.

Getting Clear on Raman Spectroscopy

Getting Clear on Raman Spectroscopy If you're looking to gain clarity on Raman spectroscopy — what it is and how it applies — read this multi-part tutorial from Horiba Jovin Yvon. The tutorial includes both laser-based units and Raman microscopy.

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Automate the Method Validation Process

Automate the Method Validation Process When first establishing a method for chromatographic analysis, developers must be able to demonstrate that the method will be able to accurately determine key parameters such as identity, strength, and the purity of substances. In this article from LCGC North America magazine, industry experts describe a means of automating the method validation process. Starting from experimental planning and running through the final report, the steps described in the article will save time and effort when creating new analysis methods.

Keep Tabs on Pharmaceutical Blends

Keep Tabs on Pharmaceutical Blends The real-time control of blend uniformity is essential in pharmaceutical manufacturing, and this new instrument from Thermo Electron can assist. Using near-infrared analysis, the Antaris™ system works with any size blender bin, from laboratory to full-scale manufacturing.

Spotlight On . . .
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Scienscope International Corporation

RoHS VALIDATOR The RoHS Validator is a complete spectrometer specifically configured for RoHS compliance. The Validator requires no external shielding or room modifications for operation. The exceptional performance of the Validator results from proprietary analysis software that identifies the five RoHS elements. Calibration, operation, and reporting have been simplified to permit accurate results.

Buck Research Instruments, LLC
Benchtop and Palmtop Humidity and Temperature Calibrators

Buck Research Instruments, LLC We source the original, and still the best, in small yet precise Temperature and RH calibration systems. The VAPORTRON® and VAPORPAK® provide, respectively, a 2 liter and 0.1 liter temperature-stabilized test chamber with 5% to 98% RH range at 1.5% accuracy. Temperature from 10°C to 70°C available. Full specs for Buck Research Instruments' hygrometers are available here.

Metrology Instruments . . .
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Making Metrology Paperless

Maintaining the calibration of a factory full of instruments can quickly drown an engineer in paperwork. Calibration management software vendor Prime Technologies recently released this white paper outlining how to structure a calibration program that eliminates all that paperwork, or at least the paper.

Metrology Links Point the Way

Metrology Links Point the Way The Internet is a great resource, but it poses a significant challenge in locating resources. The editors at metrology journal Cal Lab have put together this link table to offer some guidance. It lists organizations, laboratories, colleges, and more to help metrology engineers find the resources they need.

Calibration Instruments . . .
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New NIST Calibration Handbook Available

As part of its National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program, the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has published the 2006 version of its Handbook 150, "Procedures and General Requirements." The handbook, available in PDF format, replaces the 2001 edition and sets the competency requirements for calibration laboratories.

Securing Purchase Approval for Calibration Instruments

Some problems are universal and timeless. One such problem is convincing management that the purchase of a new piece of calibration equipment is necessary and prudent. In this vintage report from Pratt and Whitney, you can get tips on how to research and present purchase requests to maximize your likelihood of success. They are tips that never go out of date.

Spotlight On . . .
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New Technology Delivers Power of Raman without Busting Budgets
Ocean Optics Collaborates with Centice Corporation

Ocean Optics Collaborates with Centice Corporation Multimodal Multiplex Spectroscopy (MMS) technique for Raman analysis offers research-grade performance at a fraction of the cost of most Raman analyzers. Just $19,995, the MMS Raman is ideal for materials inspection and identification, as well as analysis of chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

Thermo Electron Corporation — Scientific Instruments
IRIS Intrepid (ICP) II

IRIS Intrepid (ICP) II The IRIS intrepid II, by Thermo Electron Corporation — Scientific Instruments, provides a powerful, easy-to-use elemental analysis solution that delivers high productivity and optimum analytical results — no compromises required. The Intrepid series offers options for extended wavelength coverage, and systems can be configured for radial, axial, or duo plasma viewing.

Careers . . .
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Check Your Salary Status

Check Your Salary Status Spectroscopy magazine has released its 2006 survey of salaries and job satisfaction for the spectroscopy industry. The survey indicates a stable market with some pressure towards increased economy. Numbers may vary from the previous year’s survey due to a change in the process, but will provide useful insights into compensation rates for comparable work across the industry.

Metrology Job Opens in Colorado

The NCSL International Web site has a posting for a Metrology Engineer at Ball Aerospace in Boulder, CO. If this opportunity doesn't interest you, the site is still worth a visit. It will lead you to the company Web site, where you can set up a job agent that will alert you the next time an appropriate opportunity arises.

Diversions . . .
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Complimentary Computational Software Proves Handy

Complimentary Computational Software Proves Handy Stuck trying to convert from one unit to another? Challenged by uncertainty calculations? This collection of complimentary PC metrology software from Agilent may be just the thing you need to solve your computational challenges. And if you don't have a challenge facing you, well ... they are just plain fun to play with.

Taking Measure of Murphy’s Law

Taking Measure of Murphy’s Law Written down as an equation, Murphy's Law doesn't lend its usual sense of impending doom. Still, circumvention is the best strategy. All you want to know about the law — its history, corollaries, and real life examples — can be found at the Murphy's Laws Site. As for its equation, take a look...

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