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August 8th, 2006 - Volume 1 Issue 6

In this issue...

Industry Trends & Events  Can U.S. Oil Survive Worsening Hurricane Seasons;
2006 Great Moments in Engineering Award...  MORE

Spotlight On  
  • Level Switches for Liquids or Slurries; Infrared Lubrication System; Machine Risk Assessment Risk Reduction Software; On-Site Service and Calibration...  MORE
  • Pressure Sensitive Safety Edges; Versatile Data Protection; Reducing Coolant
    Disposal Costs; Mail Order Pharmacy Automation...  MORE
  • Industrial Electric Motors; Economy Loading Dock...  MORE

Mechanical & Electrical Systems  Superconducting Mixer; Induction Motors Intro...  MORE

Industrial Safety  SIL3: How Safe is Safe; Plant Network Security Checklist...  MORE

Automation & Instrumentation  Robots in Arc Welding; Barcodes: Alive and Well at 50...   MORE

Maintenance & Management  Upgrade Control Systems to Cut Costs;
People Are Not Greatest Resource...  MORE

Careers  Plant Engineering Courses; Job Search; Online Job Report: Anonymity is Key;
Career Coach IDs Engineering Hot Spots...  MORE

Diversions  Dilbert Creator Opens Assembly Expo; CPG Industry Flat, Not Fallen...  MORE

Industry Trends & Events . . .
Can U.S. Oil Survive Worsening Hurricane Seasons?

Can U.S. Oil Survive Worsening Hurricane Seasons? Katrina wreaked havoc on the Gulf oil supply network one year ago, destroying 46 oil production platforms and causing significant damage to 20 more. The following month, Rita replayed the scenario, dismantling 69 platforms and causing damage to another 32 oil rigs. Some seven months later, 14% of Gulf oil production was still not online.

Although most of the damaged rigs were older platforms working played-out wells, this article details possible answers, including a combination of new standards under development, better maintenance programs, and designs that can handle the ocean’s waves as well as the 100+ mpg power of hurricane winds.

Jason Jr. Engineering Team from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Receives 2006 GlobalSpec Great Moments in Engineering Award

2006 GlobalSpec Great Moments in Engineering Award On Friday, July 14, the GlobalSpec Great Moments in Engineering Award was presented to the Jason Jr. engineering team (1986) in honor of the 20th anniversary of their first video survey of R.M.S. Titanic.

This small engineering team from the Deep Submergence Laboratory of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution — whose behind-the-scenes technical accomplishments resulted in the design and prototyping of a tethered robotic "video vehicle" 12,000+ feet deep in the North Atlantic — helped open doors to undersea discovery, commerce, innovation, and a new understanding of the ocean’s ecosystem through remotely operated vehicles (ROVs).

Jason Jr. Principal Engineer Christopher J. von Alt accepted the award on the team’s behalf at a ceremony held at the New England Aquarium in Boston. James Luyten, executive vice president and director of research at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, was on hand to recognize the team for its remarkable accomplishment. Read the full story.

Spotlight On . . .
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Automation Products, Inc.
Level Switches for Liquids or Slurries

Level Switches for Liquids or SlurriesAutomation Products, Inc., manufacturer and supplier, offers the Dynatrol® RH-Series Liquid Level Switch for liquids and slurries. Specifically designed to monitor high, intermediate or low point level detection in a wide range of service conditions. Made in the USA, the compact rugged detectors are also available with corrosion resistant coatings.

Oil-Rite Corp.
Infrared Lubrication System

Infrared Lubrication System Oil-Rite has applied technical advances to industrial lubrication. The Infrared Lubrication System combines the patented PurgeX® positive displacement pump with programmable logic and infrared sensing. The result is an exact amount of lubrication dispensed with exceptional accuracy on a moving target, typically a chain. It avoids both over- and under-lubrication.

Euchner-U.S.A., Inc.
Machine Risk Assessment Risk Reduction Software

Machine Risk Assessment Risk Reducation Software Perhaps the most talked about subject regarding machine safety is just how much is enough. While many machines designers are familiar with the term risk assessment, they are uncomfortable with its ambiguous, broad parameters. Risk assessment software from Euchner provides step-by-step instructions to walk you through the risk assessment of an industrial machine.

Gould-Bass Company, Inc.
On-Site Service and Calibration

On-Site Service and CalibrationGould-Bass Company offers both in-house and on site repair, maintenance, and calibration services. Our field service technicians are skilled and highly trained in the repair and maintenance of our competitors' equipment as well as our own. If we don't have a distributor or representative in your area, we can arrange interstate travel for one of our field service technicians.

Mechanical & Electrical Systems . . .
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Superconducting Mixer Is Medicine for Pharm

Superconducting Mixer Is Medicine for Pharm Superconducting materials offer frictionless operation, potentially saving equipment from wear and products from contamination. While the technology has been called a savior in the transportation industry, the pharmaceutical industry is now using high-temperature superconducting materials for biopharma processing, greatly reducing the operational and maintenance needs of mixing equipment. Read this ASME article for more information.

An Introduction to Induction Motors

An Introduction to Induction Motors Poly-phase induction motors are the most widely used in industrial manufacturing environments. To protect your investment, plant engineers need to understand their operation and common causes for failure. This Plant Engineering article explains that the most common causes of induction motor failure are quality of electrical supply, loading concerns, excessive cycling, starting characteristics, and environmental considerations.

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SIL3, How Safe is Safe?

NSI/ISA-84.00.01-2004 standard recently added a fourth safety integrity level (SIL). But is all safety the same?

This article discusses misconceptions surrounding the standard — simply adding a SIL3 certified safety controller doesn't provide SIL3 safety levels. Sometimes the smarter option is redesigning the process to avoid higher safety levels and use less expensive SIL2 controllers.

Plant Network Security Checklist

As manufacturing adopts more computers, digital communications, and networks, network security becomes more important.

This IAN  article details several steps you can take today to make your plant network more secure, including sketching the entire network, doing an inventory on outside connections to the network, creating VLANs, and more.

Spotlight On . . .
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Tapeswitch Corp.
Pressure Sensitive Safety Edges

Pressure Sensitive Safety Edges The widest selection of safety edges available anywhere. Many profiles, sensitivities and compression ranges. Unique curvable versions. Continuous ribbon switch design provides contact closure when pressed at any point. Activation with or without compression, with or without overtravel. Switch rating of 3 million operations. Fast delivery is the norm.

PolyPhaser Corporation
Don't Settle for Less. IX, Versatile Data Protection

Don't Settle for Less. IX, Versatile Data Protection The IX is a family of hard-wired data protectors from PolyPhaser that provide outstanding protection for E1/T1, Ethernet, DSL, POE, RS485, and telephone applications.

The modularity in the circuit board construction allows for multiple uses in a single device allowing network operators to save money on installation and retrofits.

Universal Separators, Inc.
Recycling Eliminates Most Coolant Disposal Costs

Recycling Eliminates Most Coolant Disposal Costs Keeping machine coolants clean and effective has never been easier. Coolant recycling is now an affordable option for all plants, regardless of size. The SmartSkim CoolantLoop System offers batch and continuous coolant recycling systems that remove tramp oil and solids, effectively controlling biological contamination. Get smart about recycling. Learn more.

PSI Engineering
APPS | Mail Order Pharmacy Automation

APPS | Mail Order Pharmacy Automation Improve your Mail Order Prescription operation’s overall profitability. This system is designed to replace manual pack stations and can average up to 8,000 orders per shift. Automated Mail Order Pharmacies shipping this kind of volume can expect to save up to $1.5 million a year in labor costs alone. Read more.

Automation & Instrumentation . . .
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Robots Put Spark in Arc Welding

Robots Put Spark in Arc Welding According to a recent Assembly Magazine article, 20 is an important number for robot arc welding. Robot arc welders are so much faster than their human counterparts that they weld with power supplies that are rated 20% higher. This might also explain why arc welding accounts for 20% of all robot manufacturing applications.

Barcodes: Alive and Well at 50

Barcodes: Alive and Well at 50 Radio frequency identification (RFID) tags are getting all the buzz in the media, but at more than 50 years old, the venerable barcode remains the dominant technology for automated inventory and asset management. Now, direct part marking and new 2D symbologies are breathing new life into this well-tested technology.

Maintenance & Management . . .
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Upgrade Control Systems to Cut Costs

Upgrade Control Systems to Cut Costs Upgrading control systems in a plant is expensive, distracting, and generally considered a short-term headache with questionable long-term benefits. But this AutomationWorld article says the additional control, capabilities, and built-in troubleshooting and maintenance features included in today's field buses are definitely worth the trouble.
The key is careful planning and consideration before the upgrade

People Are Not Greatest Resource

People Are Not Greatest Resource Running a good plant maintenance department, says IDCON's Torbjorn Idhammar, takes the right people in the right spots, a clear understanding of best practices, leaders (not just managers), and a work system that allows and encourages people to be effective.

Identifying and growing the right human assets is the key.

Spotlight On . . .
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LEESON Electric - A REGAL-BELOIT Company
Industrial Electric Motors

Industrial Electric Motors LEESON's approach, through the Inverter Rated Insulation System (IRIS™), is clearly to focus on the total system and, even more, on the total motor product — from the initial engineering concept to the final manufacturing step and beyond.

More products are available from LEESON.

ECOA Industrial Products, Inc.
Loading Dock - Economy Loading Dock

Loading Dock - Economy Loading Dock The ELD Series loading docks are designed and manufactured to meet the needs of today’s new construction market. By equalizing the height differences at the truck or dock, the ELD increases productivity and decreases worker strain. More about ECOA .

Careers . . .
View Available Engineering Jobs Here
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ASME Continuing Education
Plant Engineering Courses

Plant Engineering Courses

Get your onsite and online training from ASME now!


 • Engineering Maintenance, Operations & Change
 • Lean Manufacturing Online Course
 • Reliability Management
 • Incident Investigation and Root Cause Analysis
 • Engineering Maintenance, Operations, and Change

A Better Job Search by Design

A Better Job Search by Design

DiceEngineering.com offers thousands of quality engineering jobs at top technology and engineering companies. Find jobs in your area of expertise.

Search now.

Online Job Report: Anonymity Key

Every job seeker and employer has wondered how effective online postings, e-mail resumes, and e-recruitment are. This article details the findings from a new iLogos Research report that explores these questions and more.

The report finds that half of all job seekers look for mid- to high-level positions and want the ability to apply "anonymously" through e-mail.

[Article requires quick registration.]

Career Coach IDs Engineering Hot Spots

Career Coach IDs Engineering Hot Spots Electrical, chemical, civil, and environmental engineering — these are the engineering fields recently identified by a Collegiate Employment Research Institute study at Michigan State University as the "hottest," according to this article at ISA.org. The article further identifies power generation, pharmaceuticals, food, and electronics as hot industries requiring a wide range of engineering talents.

Diversions . . .
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Dilbert Creator Opens Assembly Expo

Dilbert Creator Opens Assembly Expo Scott Adams is best known as the mind (and sarcasm) behind the world's most famous engineer, Dilbert. He'll bring his version of technology and fun to this year's Assembly Tech Expo during his keynote presentation on September 26 at Chicago's Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, IL.

CPG Industry Flat, Not Fallen

CPG Industry Flat, Not Fallen The consumer package goods (CPG) market is a major driver of the U.S. and global economies. Rising interest rates have caused some to question when the CPG industry might fall, but a collection of recent reports and market data estimates CPG sales up 2.9% in 2006. Margins, however, are expected to remain flat.

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